How do YOU read comic books?

I mean personally, how do you go about reading comics? Do you read them outloud, or do you just imagine voices in your head? Do you simply follow the panels, or did you try to play them out in your head using the pictures as a guide?

Me personally, I tend to read them out loud. I use the same voice for Robin as I do for Spider-man and Nick Fury talks exactly the same as Wolverine lol. Also, with me being a BIG movie fan, I tend to stare at the pictures and imagine them in a movie or a TV show, which works extremely well for certain writers(Pretty much all of Mark Millar’s work has a cinematic feel to it, like the the widescreen usage on the Ultimates 1/2, The Authority, etc).

Imagine the voices in my head, it’s a largely voices from various cartoons. Ranging from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends all the way to Spectacular Spider-Man and every cartoon (X-Men, 90s Fantastic Four, 80s and 90s Hulk, etc) in between. For DC, well it’s pretty much from every show that came after Batman The Animated Series. The music I hear in my head comes from either cartoons, movies or video games that feature the characters.

i just look and read in my head
notttthing special

although i should use voices… might be better

I imagine them in my head. Sometimes I give them voices of popular VAs to try to create a scene in my head. Sometimes I will re-read a comic to try different stand points of a situation. I know… I am a nerd.

Everyone on this website is a nerd, its quite alright :rofl:

I usually get a few friends together and throw down some beers. Then we put on our costumes and act out each page.

You should LARP Final Crisis.

:looney: I let “the voices” read to me as I look on and imagine the scene…:sweat:

Same here but I also imagine voices.

I can’t imagine comic characters’ voices in my head or the real voices in my head will be insulted :looney:

I race through the comic as fast as I can to get to the last page and finish the comic. I’ll miss the little nuances and subtleties in the panels cuz i just want to get to the last page. Bubble hopping

I put on my best old english accent and pretend I’m in a Shakespeare play :lol:

No but seriously, I just read them quietly while blasting out some loud music. I tend to skim when dialogue gets dull and eventually read it more thoroughly later on.

Does anyone read their comic books outside the home?

As one of the older readers here, I wouldnt feel right to pull out a comic book on the train to work or in a coffee shop or anywhere in public probably.

Maybe I should just be more carefree.

I read comics in the train all of the time. Hell, now’s a good time to do it because everyone and their mother is on the train reading Watchmen. :rofl:

Reading comics on the last car of the train every Wednesday night is a NY tradition. I’m proud when I see fellow strangers reading. :tup:

Though yeah in NY it’s so common place no one gives you a second look. I always do something on the train, whether it’s playing a handheld game, reading a comic or a book or listening to music. I read comics during lunch too. Seriously, no one cares. You should probably be more carefree about it.

I always imagine them talking in my head, but no motions really or anything. I mostly use voices from the 90’s cartoons, or from MVC since I think they did a spot on job with most of the voices (like Cap and Spidey).

I don’t know why anyone should be ashamed of reading comics in public. I do it all the time. I carry them in my hands and brandish them like trophies out in the open. I wear costumes and act out scenes with my friends in the public park. It is an empowering feeling to be able to make children laugh and cry.

When I was a student, I used to read my comics during class. I read a good chunk of some Marvel Knights Captain America and The Ultimates TRADES, BABY sitting around waiting for class to begin. Then once the professor started talking, I’d put them away, open up my text book, and place a single issue in it.

That trick is confirmed to be successful, by the way. I’ve read many comic books in class, while sitting in the front half of the classroom, just by hiding my comic inside a textbook and holding the textbook so that the cover is pointed right at the teacher.

This might be a reason why I don’t understand most of the pretentious words goody likes to use.

im one of those. When I wasnt driving I would pull it out on the bus. I didnt care. Now after I pick up my books, I would go in my car, sit down and just read.

In regards how I read, im unsure really. If I see a line of dialogue i enjoy, I would say it out loud in the best impersation I can. :rofl:

I imagine as i’m reading a movie is happening while i go foward.

In a decent comic, I tend to let the way the characters look and speak influence the way they move and sound in my head. The really good artists give their characters believable body language, facial expressions, and so forth, and the really good writers give them actions and dialogue that grow from their personalities. They give my imagination all the ammunition it needs to bring the story to life.

As for when and where, I’ll read them anywhere and anytime I have the freedom to do so. At home at my desk, or at work while I’m on break. Or on the shitter.