How do you red parry down?

how do you do that shizz? like if i was to red parry ken’s short short would i just slide from downback to down? or do i need to go to neutral for a millisecond?

Yeah you parry down, I do it with Chun’s fireball against cpu.

EDIT: I think…

Yo how you be doing that air throw junk wit Chun Li and Ibuki?

do you have to go to neutral first or not? deviljin im lookin at you cuz you so sassy, and you kara that shit and thats why chun is the best!

I… Don’t know to be honest, I just do it.


You have to hit neutral first

You always have to hit neutral before you parry. Otherwise that shit would be way too easy.


the “” is actually quite important.
hope that helps.

for the short short, it’s actually more like
2) :d:

(because of the speed)

Well, the case might be different for red parry, but I know for a fact that you don’t need to go back into neutral first before normal parry. The parry window is longer if you do though.

To C. Royd: is the pause absolutely necessary for the game engine to register the red parry, or is it just a timing thing?

Whoops, sorry, didn’t see the post by 4y3paragon. So I guess it’s just an individual preference on timing then?

Uh, no. You always have to hit neutral first; otherwise, you could just spam :r: and parry things all the time.
You’re thinking of sloppy parries. Sloppy parries stay out for 6 frames instead of 10, and they happen if you hold forward instead of tapping it.

Red parries are exactly the same as normal parries except you only have 3 frames of leeway instead of 10, which means your timing has to be exact. That’s why it’s so risky and why you don’t see it a lot outside of really high level matches.

3 frames sounds like a lot, but it’s actually 3/60ths of a second.

Red parries are 3 frames , right , but you`ll see a lot more reversals ( ST mostly , but also 3s ) than red parries , eventho tho in strict plain useless theory they should be 3 tiems easier ( more common , alltho slightly less usefull

I wish i could gather up the courage to even try for a red every once in a while :wasted:

reversals can be buffered and do not require exact frame input, and thus the window is bigger than red parries.
BTW the red parry window is 3 frames only for normal moves… red parrying a special or super has a 2 frame window.

Are there sloppy red parries as well?

nope. That’s why I don’t go back to neutral after a red parry attempt that I’m not sure to nail - I input red parry - downback. That way if I input the red parry too early I still have chances to block again

Hum. Well, I didn’t really understand your post, since I always thought in order to spam :r: you need to return to neutral?

Thank you for the correction about returning to neutral though. You’re right, returning to neutral AFTER the parry attempt is what extends the parry window.

But there is something I have noticed, but I’m no expert so correct me if I’m wrong–if you start in down back and just move the stick to down without returning to neutral, it registers as a parry. It’s not a real option select, but for novice shotos that like to walk forward and cr. mk, it seems to work.

this is incorrect. Any blue parry requires you to start in neutral mode and then tapping forward or down depending on the move (or just forward in the air). Any Red Parry requires you to start in Block mode and go to Neutral and then tap forward or down (ground only) depending on the move.

You can’t start the joystick in down back and then roll the joystick to down and get a parry.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up guys. Sounds like a bad case of scrubtastic when I can’t even tell when the stick is in neutral.:rofl: