How do you remap the Hori Ex2 for this game?

Reason I ask is because on the xbox live arcade version of the game you cannot map any buttons to the RT and LT buttons. On the Hori EX2 the RT and LT are face buttons and the game requires you to use the LB and RB which happen to be small buttons along the top of the EX2 which makes them very inaccessible. So if anyone has played this game with this controller I would love to know how you remap the bumper buttons to the face buttons on this stick. Thanks

I hope that if this is the case that they patch this ASAP, I’ve got this very same stick as well…

I use a Hori EX 2 and have no problem with it. I just tapped B at Light Punch, X on Heavy Punch, Y on Assist 1, A on Light Kick, LT on Heavy Kick, and RT on Assist 2. I unassigned those bumper buttons. Try going back to default and changing the list from top to bottom or something.

That’s good to hear, Impact. I’m looking to buy this game and when the TC posted about his configuration problems it got me going there. Half the reason I’m even buying the Xbox version is to use stick on it, I still have a working Dreamcast and Marvel…but no online or stick for it of course =P

hmm thanks for the help Impact I guess I am gonna buy this controller now. But I could have sworn when I was messing with the controller layout within the game you could not set anything to the trigger buttons.

Shit, I meant having no problem with button configurations; the stick will take some getting used to if you’re used to more sensitive sticks (DC green sticks, actual sticks in the arcade).

Hori Fighting Stick EX2 goes:

I configure to be:
[Light Punch][Heavy Punch][Assist 1]
[Light Kick][Heavy Kick][Assist 2]

Same as Impact009.
No problem.

Thanks for the help, getting ready to buy a new stick soon and I am back and forth between this and the HRAP EX…HRAP looks a little more expensive but a lot easier to fix if buttons break or ya wanna mod so I may so with that instead.

Lies. You can map RT and LT just fine, just tap them in order for your high kick and assist 2 like you were mapping it to the arcade. :bluu:

A spurious, wild rumor holds that the developers used these things as their main arcade stick while they were developing the game, so if this didn’t work that would be very strange indeed. But what do I know, I’m just some random schlub on the intarwebs… :confused:

I find it strange that the LT and RT buttons don’t actually function like the actual triggers. An example would be when you’re typing to somebody, and you would press Left Trigger for Symbols and Right Trigger for accents. Well, the LT and RT buttons don’t do this.