How do you reset media library list in PS3/X360?

When using either the PS3/Xbox360 to watch videos from my PC (not in win media center mode) they list videos that are no longer on my PC. Its as if they keep it on some sort of cached list which won’t/very rarely updates.

The consoles seem to suffer slightly different though,
The xbox seems to refresh the list every few days but has a hard time noticing new additions/name changes.

The PS3 on the other hand sees new additions almost instantly (I move a file on my PC and 3 secs later I see it happen on the PS3) however has only refreshed its list once in the last month or so. The list is incredibly long even though only 25% of the files listed still exist on my PC

I switched from using my xbox360 as the main media hub to my ps3 in hopes of rectifying the issue but its almost worse on the ps3.

Anyone know if there is a way to force a refresh of the list?

Thank you.

No one having issues with this? :xeye:

same q