How do you respond to the PW hate?



These are taken from another website. I’ve been trying to defend PW but honestly, these are the responses I have to deal with:

How do you guys respond to this sort of thing?


By agreeing. PW is a bad character. The way you make them shut up is by proving he isn’t. I play PW, and he just isn’t as good a character as the rest of the cast until turnabout.


should matter play your character dude.

and have fun.


I told you the same thing on “the other” site. Ignore them. Why is that so hard? You can also prove them wrong. Another suggestion. Instead of constantly theory fighting. Put out some hard proof and start leaving a row of bodies in your P. Wright’s path.


it’s hard to deal with the haters especially since Phoenix Wright is crap in investigation mode compared to his later modes
and can easily be killed off if he’s rushed down
you have to play smart to stay alive and you have to use all the free time you have on gathering evidence
though your opponent most likely won’t let you do a thing with mister wright

so getting what you want when you want can be really difficult


Too soon (game needs at least a year plus). Fools will always make claims early on in a game’s life, ignore them. Just go figure out the character and learn how he works. I remember Jill being called a sub-par character in vanilla, yet Capcom patched out some of her beast mode tech that nobody figured out yet (seen to be OP). And Spencer being a bad character until Combofiend won a major with him (lol @ Spencer ever being bad).


I ignore it. I almost always unintentionally end up using bad/joke characters in fighting games like Dan Hibiki, Wright (if he’s really that bad), and Ganon (if you consider Brawl to be a fighter idk). It’s always more fun to beat others using a character they don’t believe to be a threat. If we don’t like others downplaying Wright, we’ll have to show how useful he can really be by utilizing the right strategies. :eek:


I just dive in my porn tbh. If I’m going to wank I’d rather waste it on some pretty pictures instead of some cock trying to act a douche.

RE: Wright being ass, while I agree with it I can’t help but remember a thing I thought of. Some time back someone made a comment (I think it was Misdreavus?) that Wright will end up being an assist only character. And well…I think in the long run, they’re actually kinda right. While Turnabout Wright on point is good, his assists however are the real deal breaker. They’re what really makes the struggle worth it.

This thought which completely overlooks the details came by as I was browsing through that mess of a tier thread, where the posts concerning bullshit characters like Zero legit got me alarmed. Once this game develops and those said bullshit characters start to display their nonsense to full effect, I think we may see a need or at least a slightly bigger interest to have an assist which smacks all that shit out. At this point I don’t know how or if we’ll ever find new/better tech to get Wright relatively safely into Turnabout, but the fact that he has a counter to the potential craycray yet to come, says something. And we shouldn’t forget it.


You just need to prove them wrong by doing well with your supposed “bad” character.

Well, it worked with me and Yoshi in Brawl lol.


I have a friend who tries to tell me that PW is broken/OP and that it’s too hard to stop him from getting evidence.
If I get on Player Matches for an hour or so, I usually end up with 3 kids ragequitting against TB Nick.

It’s hilarious.
Also, winning with low tiers is just so damn good feeling.


I respond by using Wright and letting people decide for themselves whether they are going to change their mind or not.


I let my lawyer do the talking.


My Eulogy Post for our beloved Phoenix Wright.
So long my good Lawyer. I will miss you.

Anybody using him after this?


After a few hours of sulking, I have eased my mind in regards to Phoenix Wright nerf.
I will still use him as a character. I just won’t find a need to gather evidence as much.
We Phoenix Wright players just have to change our way of using him.
We have to use him AS AN ACTUAL CHARACTER. Fight with him and just find the proper time to investigate.
If we get lucky and get all 3 evidence, we shouldn’t try to go to Objection Mode as quickly as possible anymore.
The benefit of that mode has clearly changed.
Phoenix Wright players, don’t give up. Just change your way of playing him.
Here are the current positives:
[]Maya comes out quicker.
]LVL3 On Turn-About is still powerful.
[]Careful when calling him out as an assist during Turn-About now. I am guilty (no pun intended) of this as well.
]Call out Phoenix Wright assist only when your hitting or they are guarding your attacks. It will at least contain them for you to setup.
[*]He still has powerful combos.
Learn his combos peeps, we’ll need to rely on them more this time around:




There is no hate for the lawyer now.


What? There’s more hate now than ever. From mostly the same people as before; immature children who’re butthurt that Megaman didn’t get in.

Cause apparently everyone who’s dropping him is a fraud and everyone who’s sticking by him is a joke.


Guys…PW is a good character. How? I’m not talking about turnabout turnabout mode. I think when it was told you had to get three pieces of good evidence. Every PW thought that was the way to play him. It’s not…I been playing PW as a a character. And with these buffs, I have even less of a reason to go into turnabout mode now. I’ll still gather evidence to build a good keepaway game. PW ISN’T ass. It’s just that pw players and the people that think he’s bad have been approaching him the wrong way. And yes that’s goes for Ultradavid as well. Now if I were to make a tier list. I would say PW is mid tier at best.


^ Old news. >__>
Wright with 3 good pieces (i.e. a good set for zoning) of evidence in trial mode with a bar for Judge and xfc? lol, zone all day. Knife, vase, photo anyone?


it’s the best type of news broski.


True. Question is, will anybody listen? D:
On a completely unrelated note, I wish bridge to the turnabout had a different input than Hold it. Hate trying to use my stun poke and getting Objection when I don’t want it instead. =/