How do you scare people to stop pressing buttons?

I feel like i can create this with other characters better than I can with ken. Please be character specific, any tidbit just feel free to throw in.
e.g. Urien: crouching strong a little inside his stand fierce range so you can hit it on startup

the answer might be parry in some cases but if it is please list what the best range to parry is and what direction to parry.

e.g. Urien: parry low inside low forward range or just inside sweep range but out of stand fierce

im trying to round out my matchups with ken and i think it’d be pretty dope to have this type of stuff in a consolidated thread for everyone to benefit from. cuz lets be honest WE ALL PLAY KEN even if its just a little bit :karate:

parry baits/throw wiff baits?

Pressing buttons when using standing fierce for example with Ken…can make others think your planning some other shit. lol

With Elena I just get at the same range every time on wakeup, far enough so I can do an overhead, a sweep or a special. After a few times of beating them senseless on wakeup, they’re much more careful upon wakup and will stop spamming moves.

With ken I’d imagine you have to use his legdrop overhead, a low strong or several other range moves to keep people guessing and backing away.