How do you standing roundhouse into sa2

Is it a link? A combo? Is it even doable on dreamcast? I can’t connect that damn standing roundhouse into sa2.

it is doable, you have to superjump cancel it so it goes like this

hk xx qcf, uf, qcf+k understand it? one qcf has to go to up forward to make a superjump and cancel that really fast in another qcf+k =) same as with Yun’s close mk xx genei jin

i find qcf, qcf, uf, k is easier

Be hardcore, do manual superjump cancel. :>

d,u,qcfx2+k > tiger knee =D

Just spin the stick really fast.

No, really. Do the close roundhouse, then spin the stick clockwise (1p side) from down to toward, all the way around to toward again. Like 23698741236. I do pretty much everything with 360s now.


This also works with the back + fierce xxx SAII and the low forward link.

360s rule your mother for free.

haven’t try that 360 stuff…
hope that works for me!tnx guys!:smiley: