How do you stay motivated?

So practically if you haven’t been following my posts or have seen them I am a new member in the fighting game community. I recently purchased a te stick and went straight into some hardcore training (i mean about 4-5 hours straight). I know this isn’t as hardcore for some people but for someone who is completely new, married, and has a full time job it kinda is. I have my team down and I have started learning bread and butter combos with just my point character. I have still my user and my anchor to go. And I’m not going to lie, in the beginning I was playing with my full head focused and in control. It feels like now when I enter training mode its just because I watch peaceful jay’s stream and I want to be in that status of good players. So I go back to the lab and low and behold, after about two hours of trying to learn some bread and butter combos with my user I just don’t feel like playing anymore (probably cause its hard to land spiderman combos, at least for me it is) I haven’t gone online because I’m way too afraid of being wrecked which de-motivates me even more. I know people aren’t good playing these game and it takes lots and lots and lots of practice. But man, it is so fucking hard. How do you stay motivated?

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But seriously, you shouldn’t be afraid of going online and getting wrecked. I thought that way at first, and I did get wrecked, but that just pushed me to get better, which I did.

go into Devil Trigger with Vergil.

Honestly, winning really helps your morale. You can try playing people who are your level and level up from then on, but you don’t get better over night. I’ve improved leaps and bounds from when I first began after about a year of play.

I devil trigger.

But really you should just learn basic or at least easier combos so you can at least play the game against other people. Nothing is worse than spending hours practicing combos, then getting bodied because you have no idea what to do in an actual match. You can know all the combos in the world but none of that matters if you can’t ever hit the other guy.

Also you’re going to lose, no matter how much time you spend in training mode. Just get it over with.

Have fun. If you’re having fun you won’t care if you’re getting bodied. Getting your ass kicked is a natural part of getting better anyways.

go online.

Block and punish. you’ll do fine.

or use vergil devil trigger super he say “now, i’m motivated”. Wich is motivational. If you can, go to your local scene, meeting people can get you motivated.

I personally dont find the time for tourney and franckly cant find any in Paris. But i did make some online “rivals” and keeping up to their level/being better help get motivated.

If you have trouble landing a combo…go for a simpler one for the time being. With spider-man, better than combo you should learn his nasty resets, they require more thinking but less execution ^^.

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I thought this was gonna be about the best ways to build meter and stay in Devil Trigger. :oops:

I go in a match 100% expecting to get dominated, but plan on observing my opponent to steal strategies from him. If you win, there’s that pleasant surprise of “hey, I must be getting better.” When you loose, at least you feel like you gained something from it. Looses are going to happen, and everybody gets blown up once in a while, gotta learn to make the best of it.

Don’t treat the game like a job. Becoming a really good player, especially if you lack previous fighting game fundamentals, is not something that will develop over night, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t just enjoy the game and take your time.

I do QFB+atk atk…ahhh nevermind. People beat me to the Vergil joke.

“Now I’m motivated.”

Ayo don’t gime none of that bullshit MD! You and I both know you on the KAYO boat.

I got bodied hard when I started playing online. I only spent a few hours in training mode and this was my first MvC game so obviously it was pretty crazy. I highly recommend watching “The Online Warrior” series about Ultimate [details=Spoiler][media=youtube]EANCvOYQVTw[/media][/details]. In episode three he talks about something really important. The critical moment. BnBs only take you so far. If you can’t land the combo in a match then it doesn’t really do any good. If you start to understand the “critical moment” where you definitively lose the match, your understanding of fundamentals and reactions to different situations get so much better. This was something I couldn’t really grasp until I had it explained to me. It sounds so simple but really, when starting out you don’t really think about it. It all happens so fast you don’t really know what happens until you lose. But once you see what’s going on and where things go wrong, your game naturally improves and it’s a lot slower (well, it at least looks a lot less chaotic). This will also keep you motivated because once you learn where you go wrong, you know exactly where to improve in training mode and online play practice.

Always remember, for every teabagging trenchcoater there’s another person who will be willing to help. Earlier today I just sent a simple message like “gg, still dont know how to get in on hawkeye” and the guy invited me into a player game where we just practiced with him doing a zoning team so I could learn how to superjump properly, use my assists, etc to get in on characters who may spam or use a lot of projectiles.

When feeling down or upset, just watch twitch like you’ve been doing, remind yourself that this game looks like a lot of fun, and think forward to how rewarding it will be once you can pull off ToDs and other crazy shenanigans.

I found out there were some peculiar inner workings below the deck so I abandon ship.

Nah man. It’s aaaaaaall good if you just stay out on the deck.

Just make sure to get on the life-boat before it all goes crashing into an iceberg, SS Aris-style.

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You gotta play online. I have a friend that just got UMvC3 and didn’t have Vanilla, and he practiced several hours straight before we played our first session. Let’s just say he Went back to the lab after 15 minutes. Came back, he just didn’t even look like he knew what he was doing. I asked him to do his Bnb, and he pulled out some 700k, long Iron Fist combo.

Point? Ever since then he’s been playing online quite a bit, and now he’s nearly as good as I am. You have to play real people, and don’t be afraid to get crushed. I was terrible when I started, but I just kept playing against my friend, and labbing when I couldn’t. Eventually I got good enough to beat beginners, and I just kept seeking stronger opponents. Eventually I was able to take a lesson from each match, and began training harder.

Tl;dr - Learn from Ryu.

I find that turning on the AI after a bit of praticing can do wonders for my game. It allows you to practice on a moving target, while not having to worry about getting bodied by some trenchcoat wearing 'tard online.

How do I stay motivated?

I switch inbetween games, I like to play COD / MvC3 / Other. (Although its a bad combination, but I like the games)

I still get my ass wooped in MvC3, but I stick to player matches. This is only me though, I won’t enter ranked until I feel comfortable.

I got it about 2 weeks ago, and I say I’m getting better. Watching those hype matches (BIONIC ARMMM), Wong Factor matches make me continue and get better at this game.