How Do You Store/Organize Your Comics: Are TOO MANY Comics a Fire Hazard?

My collection of comics is too big. I am hopelessly addicted. Whenever I see a good deal, I cannot stop myself from making a purchase. I have bought so many comics off eBay over that I cannot read them all fast enough. It has gotten to the point where I have comics that I got back in December of '06 that I still have not read yet. Every month, it seems like my pile of “To Read” books grows bigger and bigger. Is this normal? What’s the longest you have gone without reading something you bought? I have skipped meals just so I could save those six bucks for lunch to buy the week’s latest releases instead.

My addiction used to be even worse. I used to keep several random issues strewn about in every room in my home. Why? Just so I wouldn’t have to travel more than a few meters to get a comic book fix whenever I needed one. I had a stack of 40 comics on my toilet that I would read over and over while taking dumps. Sometimes I would try to take two or three dumps a day just to give myself an excuse to sit on the toilet and read some of those comics. I still keep a few comics in my glove compartment, though. I have never met a person who used the glove compartment to store gloves.

Anyway, my question to you all is the thread title. How do you all store your comics?

I have three bookshelves for my TPBs and hardcovers. One bookshelf has five shelves, one has three shelves, and the final one only has two shelves. I need to get another bookshelf soon because I just don’t have enough space to store all my TPBs. Does anyone recommend a good website that sells quality shelves made of sturdy construction? Two of the shelves I have, I bought from Target and Wal-Mart. They were cheap, and up to this point they have been very reliable. However, the amount of TPBs on a single shelf taxes the technical specifications. Some of the shelves are bending a little bit. It kind of worries me. My greatest fear is that my bookshelves will collapse because I put too much weight on them.

To store my single issues, I mostly put them in these plastic Rubbermaid filing boxes that I got from Office Depot. They don’t store as much as the standard long boxes, but I had a bunch of them so I put them to use. I label each box with a Post-It note so that I can easily remember what I put inside each box.

I know that some serious comic book collectors are anal about putting their comics into polybags with backing boards, and then taping the bags closed, but I am not that depraved. I have bags and boards, and I do use them most of the time, but I’m not down with taping the bags closed. Sometimes, it is just too much trouble for me to bag and board, though, so I just skip that step and leave the naked comics in the box. In that case, I place every other issue facing backwards so that the staples of consecutive issues do not align on the same side. (Saves space and I think it also helps keep the comics flatter.)

Taping bags just makes it a giant hassle when I want to reread something. I mean, it’s bad enough when I have to look at my boxes to decide which box contains the comic I want to read, and then I have to look inside the box and sort through all of the comics within it, and THEN I have to manually extract the comic from its protective polybag. That’s a lot of trouble. And when there’s tape holding the bag closed, that slows me down. Plus, I’m always ripping the tape off by accident and I hate when that shit gets all sticky and shit. That’s why it’s so much more convenient to get the TRADE, BABY. I can just pull it off the shelf, no problem. (I organize my shelves by alphabetical order by title.)

Right now I’m using about ten of those Office Depot filing boxes. Most of them are packed to the brim. I have a couple hundred issues of various stuff that are just stacked in piles next to the boxes. I also have one traditional comics long box that is completely full. Lastly, I have one short box that is completely devoted to Peter Milligan comics.

With the exception of my Peter Milligan Box, which I keep next to my bed, all my comics - my shelves with TPBs/HCs, long box, Office Depot boxes, piles of issues - are stored in the same room.

Is this a fire hazard? Would it be wiser for me to store my comics in separate rooms? My second greatest fear is that my comics will spontaneously combust and annihilate the city in a blazing inferno of wrathful destruction.

Anyway. That’s what I do with my comics, other than read, share, and obsess over them. How do you guys store/organize your comics?

sell off all your comics and switch to trades exclusively :slight_smile:

I didnt know you owned so many trades. I have a big 5-shelf bookcase that is almost full of just hardcovers, and then a long and short 3-shelf bookcase with almost 2 shelfs full of tpb’s.

I also have a long box of valiants and short box of grendels in the back of my closet

I live in a studio so those coupled with the books I own are just everywhere. I have 3 bookcases and some built in shelves. One of the bookcases is for dvds/video games though.

I also periodically go through my collections and sell off trades and dvds I dont plan on reading/watching again.

I would post some pics but apparently I dont know how anymore

gabe if you ever feel like selling your ultimates v2 hc…let me know

Zeph i have somewhat the same problem when it comes to buying them before i’ve finished what i bought before :frowning:

Right now i just have one book shelf (5 rows) for my trades/HC’s and 2 plastic bins for my single issues, though i try not to get the single issues if possible

Long white boxes, up to about 20 now. Just criss cross them all like a big old jenga pattern. My apartment is really big, I keep it in the corner of my bedroom where there’s space for up to 20 more boxes. I am allowed access to a room in the basement if it ever gets too bad, I have the only key along with the landlord. Strangely my older brother has used most of that space for his stuff and he doesn’t even live there! Well he is married to the landlord’s sister so that explains that. I guess that also explains why I can use the space in the back… but I don’t for the most part. It’s too much stuff from my brother and his wife back there right now.

In that space my brother has about four large comic book boxes. He doesn’t collect anymore, he just leaves them there to collect value. I offered to buy a lot of his comics, but he doesn’t want to sell them to me or take money from me in any way. It’s funny, when I was younger I used to sneak around to read my brother’s comics behind his back, now I can read them whenever I want. :smile:

Oh and being the continuity nut that I am, every time Marvel drops a Marvel Universe something book I go out and buy it. But my reading of them is waaaay behind. I have a book bag full of those Marvel Universe books. It’s silly but I have been reading the Hulk comic for 2 years! I take it every time I have to wait in line, forget what I was up to so I reread some bios over again and next thing you know I forget about reading that comic. One day this year I’ll sit down and crank a few of them out. I’ve read all of the Marvel Universe books Marvel drops, it’s the single issue Marvel Universe books that have been sitting there. The single issues due tend to have a lot more detail than the actual books, reading 3 bios takes like a half an hour if they are major / really active characters.

I’ve got ten long boxes. This apartment is gonna burn good.

i got one giant plastic bucket, no more long cardboard boxes for me.

my hard drive


See, that’s ideally what I wish I could do… But I just have too many comics that have never been collected into TPBs and I feel like I want to keep them for future reading/sharing. Also, some stuff is too expensive to buy in TPB or HC. I have a near full run of Nexus, and Dark Horse has been releasing Archive Edition HCs of them that are very pricey. Maybe one day when I have a better job and can afford a better quality of life.

Wow, five shelves for just hardcovers? You are a serious, serious man. If I went to Compton, I would not fuck with you. By the way, where did you get your bookcase? Are they really sturdy or is there any bend in the individual shelf due to the weight of the HCs?

So, any reason why you keep Grendel in issues rather than TRADE, BABY?

One of these days I will borrow a camera from someone and post pics. That’s one of the main things this thread is missing… Needs more pics. More pics and more chicks.

Yeah, all right, another plastic man. Gimme five, Groggy, HIGH FIVE

Over the years, I have been trying to wean myself off of buying issues. I’m slowly getting there, but I’ll probably always buy one or two series monthly… To me, that is just part of the fun and magic of comics. I enjoy the anticipation of getting a new issue of my favorite mag. Then I regret it later after dozens of issues pile up.

Sounds like you have it made, my mod. I remember you once showed a picture of part of your collection. Twenty long boxes sounds ridiculous, though. At least you can get a workout whenever you want to read a comic from the bottom box. Are you still anti-TRADE, BABY? How would you even organize and keep track of so many comics?

You are Sano, The Continuity Pornographer.

To make you feel better about how you spend your reading time, I reread this paragraph like seven hundred times in the past half hour. Then I forgot what I read and reread it some more. I’ll probably read it again tomorrow.

Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe… Deathy started the fire!!!

Chalk up another one for plastic! And one for buckets.

Sano’s rolling over in his grave right now.

Anyone ever try these?

Drawer boxes. Pretty expensive, though. Twelve bucks per box.

It’s easier sometimes for me to get a trade for easier reference, but it’s usually of issues I already have. Sometimes it’s of stories I missed out on or to cover a few gaps in a run. I guess I’m a weekly guy mostly because I want to read what happens right now and not months later.

2 times a year I put my comics away. It doesn’t have rhyme or reason, I just keep them in number order. Yeah it takes me a long time to find anything, but I just try to pull out the stuff I want to read again while I’m putting everything away. I read a lot while I’m putting stuff away too which is why it takes an entire weekend. :rofl:

I have about 15 long boxes of comics ordered by number, alphabetized, and separated by variants. STFU in advance.

I have a short stack of polybagged comics that have survived my various efforts at paring things down over the years, plus a shelf of trades that expands very slowly, and a few oversize volumes.

I’m still a geek, right?

When I have more time/money I am going to get into custom binding for those comics I know will never be released in tpb (darkhawk, sleepwalker, robocop, post-unity valiants, etc). THIS is a good forum for homegrown binding…lots of cool pics of bound books, custom dustjackets, etc.

I got mine from Ikea. It isn’t that bendy for the most part and has held up well. I keep the omnibuses on the bottom shelf though. (5 Omniboo + Ult. Spidey hardcovers = 1 full shelf)

Partly I held on to them because they were always my favorite. of. all. time. comic and also because even now it has not all been collected in trades. The only parts of Grendel vol. 2 (the main series) that have been collected are the Christine Spar arc, Brian Li Sung arc, and Devil Tales, the three arcs making up issues 1-19, leaving #20-40 untraded. The last two arcs, God and the Devil and Devil’s Reign which were reprinted by Dark Horse a few years ago should be getting trades soon but those couple of issues in between, #21-23 are probably lost forever. Also the Silverback miniseries (1-3) from comico focusing on Argent wont ever be reprinted, a capt. wiggins story in A1 #4, the Comico Black Book, and two of the Grendel Tales: Devil’s Hammer and Devil’s Apprentice haven’t been tpb’d.

Plus the letters pages were pretty awesome and ran consistantly though all the series, even through grendel tales.

I usually have hardcovers and TPB’s, I have a shelf under my TV and 360 I keep them in, single comics I keep in plastic sleeves and have then in alphabetical order.

Weird but interesting thread, lol.

You have a lot of comics, Zephy.

:lol: I have a few on my work hard drive and ill admit i shouldnt but i had to get the onslaught saga.

I have 5 drawer boxes. However im only using one. It is pretty full and im not in the mood to get it together. The only reason why I purchased the boxes is that I knew that i need to store all of the civil war books. But one thing i suggest you guys get is it is a way to have a computerized archive of your books so you know what you have. Matter of fact you can print out in excel

put some pics up here