How do you store spare joystick parts?


Does anyone know where and custom joystick builders obtain plastic storage containers for shipping buttons? It resembles ice tray-like packages.


I believe they are shipped with the buttons from the factory. And it is up to individual venders if they want to keep them or use it for shipping. How I store my spare parts, in a plastic bin. Like a Rubber main or Tupperware container. There are plastic bins with partions or dividers, great for keeping buttons and ball tops sorted. Make sure you keep all parts out of direct sun light, out of any where excessive humidity and heat.


Dollarstores or equilvalent places usually sell plastic boxes with lids that have dividers, usually for jewelery, small tools, or nails/screws. I have some that fit 30mm buttons quite nicely.


This is true.
You can get those plastic storage containers for a measly $1 at the dollarama. The best ones i found are in the sewing section.
I use these containers all the time for all my electronics components.


We’ve had this thread before. There were some nice pictures. Search time!


This is how I ended up with more than a few sticks (full arcade sticks).
Had lots of spare parts, couldn’t keep them stored for too long before making them a part of a project = another goddamn stick :^P


Best storage ever…


I do what Kuya_Joe does, too. Four cardboard boxes of stuff underneath my bed.


Shit I’m not the only one who has cardboard boxed parts. Man I love ordering parts from focusattack, i get these nice small square boxes I can put stuff into.


Old pic, these are crammed full of crap now.


I use one of these from my local Container Store:


For small parts (Switches, disconnects, connectors, etc.), I use this:
For everything else, I use a plastic shoebox and anti-magnetism bags.

Ignore the fact that it’s a breast milk tray please… Thanks.


This, lol. I store all my spare parts in a box from focusattack.


I use a tackle box, medium sized that has all the compartments, plus it folds out and holds a lot of stuff, wire storage in the bottom/ joysticks. cheap but effective.


Looks just like how I keep mine. Thats so funny.


You keep your stuff in image quotes? :smiley:


I think he meant surrounded by half-full Coronas.


:wgrin: You guys are soooooo funny. Yes to both of you smart A$$'s. Nothing like corrona and image quotes to motivate my electronics hobby.


It’s all in there somewhere…


I keep mine (along with much of my tech parts) in one of those ‘over the door’ shoe organizers for the inside of closets. I labeled every section so from far away i can see what I have.