How do you stun dudley?

what’s the basic 50/50 guessing game to stun him?
ie. reset-wise, I’m only finding one way which is from the front, but that gets old easy, other than that, I’m guessing there’s gotta be something untapped, either that or I’m just gonna move on and figure out other stuff

due to his big stun bar… you shouldnt really play for stun… the more u stay close to him to get that stun… the bigger the chance hell catch you with a good 30% of your life down the toilet, seeing as how both dudley and makoto benefit from up close fighting…

just try and get early pressure. once his stun builds and he starts blocking… the chances are you can dash in for a karakusa, corner reset, and a good chance at stun…

beware of xx SA1-3 though

my apologies, I should have really described the situation more in detail (I have a bad habit of doing that)…anyhow,
basically I was asking that, say after a command grab, then fierce xx abare tosanami, what’s the setup you do to juggle them and put them in a position to reset them once to totally stun them. I can think of one that works for sure but it’s hard and then there’s another one but it doesn’t quite stun but is hard to see coming…I remember Arlieth was saying how there is one that’s possible but he doesn’t do it anymore cuz Vic just knows about it. I tried the 100% combo on the CPU in PS2 and the AI just walks backwards to avoid it…nice.
Anyways, the one I was thinking about was after the super, you SJ cancel and do like medium axe kick (qcb+forward in air), then you dash under them and I don’t quite remember but it was something like an uppercut and then a jumping attack or something where you land behind them? I don’t know, I forgot. Any help?

the one it sounds like your describing would be

karakusa xx fierce xx SA2 xx SJ mk.tsurugi(RIGHT AWAY!) xx dash under fukiage xx j.fierce…

i havent really worked on it… so im not sure about timing and specifics about the combo

actually the one I was thinking about was the one where the fukiage crosses under somehow…however I only know how to do that with SA 3

maybe u can try…
hp xx sa2 -> jump mk.tsurugi (very late) -> dash mp(reset) ->dash -> fukiage (reverse) -> jump hp
the fukiage will hit dudly for sure and it has to be block from the other way so it will confuse the player
but if you’re using is pattern too often your opponent might able to avoid it, if that happens u can just do a karakusa instead of fukiage
actually if u’re reseting a combo, there are many ways to stun dudley