How do you switch NFBA to console mode?

How do you switch NFBA from regular arcade mode to console mode? I want to go to console mode for practice in KOF.
Thanks in advance.

is that even possible o_0

I know nothing of what you request, but the alternate suggestion is…


Apologies; but, I do not remember where I obtained the file. I’d be more than happy to send it to you on AIM though. SN: Photogenic Flux

Load the game you want, then press Ctrl + F5. Change “MVS” for “AES”. Press OK, then F3 to reset.

If you use GGPO, remember to switch it back to MVS or you’ll have desyncs. Dunno if 2df has the same problem.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try that out when I get home, and re-rep you again when I can. Peace

does that work the same on fb alpha?

EndLeSS8: I’m glad to be helpful, thanks

xero15: I think it’s the same for regular FBA.

i just tried it and the dipswitch menu came up but with no options to switch to anything.

and how do you get cheats to work for games? i went to the enable cheats menu but it wont let me type in anything from this pack i downloaded.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of FBA and indeed it works the same as in nFBA.

Note that this is a NeoGeo only option, though. That may be your problem.

oh ok yeah i was doing it on alpha 3. thanks. what about the cheats though?