How do you tech throws against someone who frame traps you?

Generally speaking, since Chun-Li has such a fast LP and fast LK, I’ve had pretty good success just hitting the throw command every now and again while in a block string. If they don’t try to throw you but keep attacking, nothing happens and they continue their block string – your LP or LK doesn’t come out since you’re still in block stun. If they try to throw you, you tech because you’ve been hitting the throw command. If they don’t try to throw and they stop attacking, you turn it around since now your attacks are coming out and you can go back on the offensive.

However, what I have begun to notice is that some players are very good at frame trapping, that is, in their block string they may do an attack that gives them +4 frame advantage, then use a move that has 5 frames startup. In that one frame, if you’re mashing throw, you will give up your block and try to attack, but because no move comes out in one frame, you get stuffed and now your opponent’s hit has Counter Hit properties, giving them even more frame advantage.

So what I was noticing is that some people I’ve played against would scare me out of throw-teching during block strings - so that I could avoid getting punished by the frame trap - then they’d throw me and all of a sudden I was at a reset and couldn’t decide whether I ought to be teching or blocking.

Aside from very good intuition, or excellent reactions, is there a way around this?

-try some controlled/timed mashing on FA, and back/forward dash accordingly when you absorb a hit?
-act like online scrub shoto and mash super or sbk or other reversal, feel pain when you get baited
-maybe mash hasanshu, might be able to jump over the attack?
-or just have that very good intuition and guess right, this is what most people do, and depending on how close your opponent is and their throw range you don’t have to deal with basically these tick throws more than once or twice in a blockstring

You stop getting bodied. To do that, just block.

edit: I can’t believe the options the poster above me posted LOL.

hey i never said they were good but who knows if he really needs an easy way out they just might work! lol

Yeah, getting raped by counter-hits is learning the hard way to just block. Don’t panic. You got put in that mix-up situation for a reason, so learn to deal with it before it happens again.

That said, HSU reversals tend to reset you out of the situation but you could end up taking more damage (you get counter-hit damage + they get a reset mix-up if they’re on point) than a throw. It also will make you stand up to be hurt by rapid fired lows.

Block standing and tech.

Backdash is cool, but it hurts you if those lows come out, just like HSU and standing tech.

In conclusion: Block and pay attention.

long story short:

you’re in a mixup and you keep using the same option select and you’re running into people that know the option that beats it.

not much different than throwing someone every time they get close to you and eating meaties on wakeup.

Most people have good intuition?

But yeah, just learn to guess right based on patterns, common sense and risk v reward.

It’s possible to react to the throw, crouch teching at every possible point is just something people do because they’re lazy or have been playing online too much.

i’m still trying to get frame traps to work… the nemo string doesnt really work for me… people mash during my poke strings and i do the nemo andd they just block… while i can hear them mashing… shit pisses me off.

even when i do something like cr.lp x 2 (blocked)

they still press buttons but get blocks out… that frame trap i posted is a 2 frame gap with perfect timing…but i’m sure that sometimes i dont time it perfectly and give the op a 3 or 4 frame gap… i hate mashing during pokestrings for this exact reason… i have to do “other” things to punish my opponents for it, cause frame traps for whatever reason dont work much for me…
so any advice on how to make the damn things work?


Learn to vary the delay between cr.lp, depending on your opponent.
On some players just doing it with the 1f opening is enough to get the ch, but some players press the tech slower so you might have to delay it a bit.
Against people that tech throws on reaction it’s better to do cr.lp, walk-up, cr.lp with differing delays so they think you were throwing them, if it connects just confirm into cr.lp. xx ex legs or something.
Cr.lp, will only work when you’re really close to your opponent, you can’t really close any distance in between or you will get poked out of it most of the time, in that case cr.lp,, confirm, ex legs works better on a range or cr.lp, far mp.

^^^thx… thats pretty much what i thought.
still have problems with it though.


well when people start frame trapping me i just stop teching unless i know a trow is coming. Sometimes you jsut have to guess, if im feeling cheeky thougth i’ll hasanshu over a trow attempt lol.

delay the throw-tech as much as possible…correct me if I’m wrong but there should be like 10 frames to tech a throw.
Sometimes a backdash can save you from both throw and hit.

Blocking and a good sense of Intuition.

Dudes who mash crouch tech i do c.lp into…dudes who delay crouch tech i like walk a bit then for ppl who just mash buttons just do c.lp 2x walk back sweep…:rofl:

I get the frame trapping alot from Ryu type characters when they go with c.lp c.lp hadooken after the my throw command goes through and i get hit with the hadooken