How do you think Capcom will handle the PC release issues?

The game comes out 2 months later on PC (because they apparently have to wait for xbox to FINISH before STARTING on the PC port)

This leaves a number of issues that Capcom has refused to address for the PC port:

How will the base game be priced? Will it be 60$ like the console version or $50 like most(not all) PC games?

How will they handle pre-order gems? Will PC users be forced to purchase them separately at a later date? Will they be free to all purchasers of the base game? Will Capcom have the juevos to try and make people Pre-order a 2month late port?

How will DLC be handled? Lei and Alisa are already known to be “on-disk” so likely will be among the earliest DLC characters for the console version. Will PC users get a special deal on the DLC characters that are already out (similar to how there was a “complete costume pack” dlc for SF4 AE on PC)?

Frankly, if Capcom is going to be treating PC users like 4th class customers (Still waiting on the AE 2012 patch!) least they could do is buy us some flowers.

Unfortunately, I think you’ll have to repurchase DLC on it even if you have the same Xbox Live account. It was like that for the costumes. I’ll likely not pick up DLC for the PC version later on.

The fact that they even put the games on PC (which from my understanding was a bitch to get done on the business side) speaks volumes of how hard they try, the PC version will USUALLY be identical or really damn close with rarely any kind of extras. I think they’ll just do what they’re doing for the consoles, I don’t know why anyone would be concerned about DLC gems anyhow because it’s my understanding that everything not available to buy on EVERY version is hard banned.