How do you think MVC2 final results will be?

I don’t even know the brackets, but sorta like college basketball and guess how things are gonna play out…

  1. Justin
  2. Soo
  3. Chris S
  4. David L
    t-5. X
    t-5. Randy Lew

These are just guesses, hope no one flames me, anyone else? Yea, I’m THAT bored… and anxious for the results

i hope chris s wins everything. it’d be pretty interesting to see.

other than him, i’d like to see Potter or Soo getting a shot at the title.

Haha,. WTF, 5th place? No faith in the Flynt.:stuck_out_tongue:

*Larry Flynt *

i think soo will make a mad run, justin will still win, david l will beast old school style…the guy doesn’t even play anymore , he’s just a beast. potter,x, ghengis, and randy will take the bottom half.:cool:

I will get 1st. Pardon my back muthafuckas!!! Nah but really NY is taking top 3 even though only 2 Yankees are left.

chris s will get 2nd or third i got a feeling and i hope and wish him luck

any updates?

1 - justin (of course)
2 - David Lee
3 - X
4 - Chris Schmidt
5 - Randy Lew
5 - Ghengis
7 - Harry Potter
7 - SooMighty

Panknayyy got 3rd you suck ass cali bitches!!!

If anyone in cali what’s to challenge me come to the next east coast tourney and lose just like potter and soo lost to me and patrick, you bitch ass niggas.

you beat soo?

ECC my nigga…ECC…

Cali’s garbage mannn…in marvel shiett… Ed Da F’n head would play soo - potter - ricki - whoever it doesn’t matter and it would be free $100 bet it you bitch ass NIKkUHhh

East Coast
Justin wong mann that kid is never going to lose his touch…

Hold’em was always fun… Just want to apoligize to chris li ( I did not start that table lol ) but I took it to the hotel then to my pocket back to the ec where it belongs Take it easy hope to see you guys at another big tourney and take ur money in hold’em for free…again:cool:

Is that why 6 out of the top 8 spots went to Cali?

that don’t mean much, considering that about 70% at evo are from cali. look at the mvc2 brackets, 99% of the 5-man bracket got at least 3 people from cali.

you suck at poker ed

who the fuck goes all in with 8 4 off suit


You got real lucky with your craziness on saturday night taking all those chips, i still won 100+ dollars in 2 nights and at the poly table. I feel bad for ashley he had like a pile of chips and was winning with his agressiveness then lost it all in a few hands and ended up broke. It was mad fun though taking everyones money and meeting peeps.:smiley:

also i aint playin that acey deucy crap again, cost me like 10 bucks:bluu:

iono about it being free…i’m not even on those guys level and i could beat you:cool: