How do you time akuma



I am really having trouble with his link combos bc of the timing. I have read and seen videos on how to combo but yet i dnt get it. i have heard it is a 4/4 timing in music and it works sometimes for me, like 20%. I struggle with his bnb’s combo. I can never dragon punch after the qcb mk. Are there any guides that have helped you guys with timing your combos with akuma


I’m guessing you’re referring to his st.HK > LP xx BnB link combo?

The only advice I can give you to work on the st.HK > LP link is just keep practicing, and make sure you’re hitting LP at the exact time you want it to connect, which is very shortly after the second hit of the st.HK connects, and do not mash LP. That won’t work.

Also, little pertinent piece of information, you can’t juggle after a close range MK Tatsu. Use the LK variation, as in st.HP xx LK Tatsu > HP SRK.


psh easy…stopwatch


As D1KD said, it’s all about practicing and getting your muscle to memorize the timing between the, c.lp link. I had alot of trouble doing this a week and a half ago but now I’m more consistent with it, connects about 70% of the time for me now.


thank you for your advice. I can always link like 5 light hits together but when i try to add a fierce or roundhouse it never combos in


You link 5 hits together!? Holy shit, then you’re probably not mashing the fierce and roundhouse enough


This is because light hits will always cancel into each other when you mash out your LP or LKs.


Links are hard. You must remember this. They are very hard. The average player can’t do them accurately, the best best players are nowhere near perfect.


cr.LP cr.LP is easy as it chains.

cr.MP after the second cr.LP is a link. You need to press MP when you see the yellow impact animation from the second LP.


There is a large abundance of this type of question out there, and honestly it’s impossible to explain in a thread. I suppose someone could break it down into milliseconds, but I think the correct answer is to just “feel it out.”

If it didn’t come out, you pressed it too early. If it didn’t combo, you pressed it too late. Once you find the correct rhythm, you stick to it and practice it constantly. Some people use visual cues, some use audio cues, it eventually becomes muscle memory, and the window for error lessens the more tuned your brain becomes to the tempo. When you can do them with your eyes closed then you know your practice has been useful.

[media=youtube]bCfuEXzJ_d0&fmt=22"[/media], links are shown with stick footage.


Question to people in general, for the bnb light tatsu to uppercut, do you spam or time the uppercut?


Depends on how I feel that day.


Time it usually.

But I cannot for the love of god land this BnB in training mode, but do it perfectly when I’m playing with friends lol


the way i connect a HP shoryuken after the LK tatsu is just by tapping HP a few times after the dp motion. every time you press a button in street fighter it counts as two inputs. the press and the release both count so if you tap twice it’s really like your pressing the button 4 times which will increase your chances of getting it out. as for the LP shoryuken after the LK tatsu into his fadc combo this is how i do it:

:hp::qcb::lk:, :dp::r::lp::lp:(keep holding forward) xx :mp::mk::r::df::d::db::l::hp:. there might be a better way to do it but this works for me.


definitely time it but input 2xpunch


As for the SRK after the tatsu, you should definitely learn to time it. At first, you may miss a lot and eat punishment, but learning proper button technique is critical to more advanced FADC chains. Plus, if you learn to time it, you can FADC into a big fat red fireball! :slight_smile:

So for the standing HK to cr.MP/LP to tatsu to uppercut…
What helped me practice was to tap HK for both of the hits. Since HK hits twice, I actually press HK HK cr.MP, it helps because it establishes a near perfect rhythm rather than sorta waiting to press MP at a pseudo random time.

Its the same wait time between the two HKs and the MP, so when I press it, it’s click click click, instead of click … click


don’t know if it was posted yet but I read the first post and saw you said you couldn’t dP after a qcb mk… nobody ever can dP after a qcb mk while mid combo (outside of weird corner setups). Sorry to nitpick just throwing it out there.

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Im not sure about mk tatsu, but you can definitely shoryu after a hk tatsu. You dont need fancy corner setups either, the only condition is that only the last or the last two kicks hit.


you absolutely can dp after mk.tatsu. no corner needed. 2 hits.


You can’t get this one by lord of tatsu. You CAN SIR YOU CAN DP. Stop spreading lies.