How do you time your mixups on incoming characters?

Hey all :slight_smile:

I will keep it short but one thing that has always bugged me about vanilla and ultimate marvel, is not being able to correctly judge either:

  1. Which side the opponents next character will be coming in from after knocking out one of their characters.

  2. Also, after a character dies and their next character is about to jump in, is there a set amount of time you count down so you know exactly when to jump up with an attack? Whenever i try it i am guessing and either jump too early, get what i want or jump too late and eat THEIR jump in.

I hope this makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: I have the Brady guide for Umvc3 but can not seem to find this info anywhere? Or am i blind?

Cheers all!

Depends what you kill them with. After specfic kills you can time the next incoming character with a bunch of jabs. The training room is where you’ll find the best answer.

The question 1 you asked, about what side are they going to come in is a very good question, I’ve seen very very good players on Stream guess this wrong sometimes. It’s obvious if you are near the corner, but sometimes I can’t even tell, so I would love someone to answer this.

I think I read somewhere that when you KO a character, there’s an invisible line where the body is. If you cross that line, then the new character will come out on the other side of the screen. I’ve haven’t tested this though, but it does seem plausible.

As for the timing for when they come in, finishing off with a lvl 3 (and probably all cinematic hypers) seems to give you the same amount of time before the next guy comes in. When you KO with a non-cinematic hyper then the opponent will stay off screen until the hyper finishes, leaving you with very little time for set up.
If you kill both the point and an assist with a hyper, sometimes the 3rd character will come in before the move finishes. Which is really stupid if you’re using, say, Dante’s Million Dollars. They just block a few shots then Dante’s left standing there like an idiot before he fires the ‘jackpot.’ Unless they aren’t expecting their character to come in and don’t block, then you can just X-Factor and kill them for free lol.

Like GomuGomu said, going into training mode and figuring this stuff out for your characters would be best.

  1. The opponent will always come in on the side you’re facing, over the previous character. Notice that if you “cross up” the dead body, you’ll face the other direction, so the next character will likewise come in from the other side. (Tip: for stronger mixups midscreen, you can backdash until the previous character is at the edge of the zoomed out screen, then dash up again so the next character will come in at the new “corner”).

This can get ambiguous if you’ve killed the opponent very close to, but not in the corner - you might accidentally cross over the dead body too early, and they’ll come in on the opposite side.

  1. The most telling sign that the next character is coming in is their life bars switching, but this happens as they come in, not before. Other than that, the timing changes depending on how you killed the previous character, as mentioned previously. Hitting assists has no bearing on this timing (i.e. double snapbacks will always result in the same timing, even if you continue hitting the assist).

If you kill a character with a snapback to the third character (maybe the second as well, I didn’t test it that much), the snapped in character comes in with normal snapback time, rather than death time. Could be good for a quick surprise now and then.

I’m not entirely sure of when the next character comes in exactly but a good character to test it with is Frank West. For some reason when you use Survival Techniques and kill someone with it, there is a long delay from when the opponent’s next character comes in. If the same timing applies across the board, They probably come in .5-1 second immediately after the corpse starts flashing and then disappearing. After using Frank’s Survival Techniques, watch the corpse and see when the next character comes in.