How do you to counter neutral jump spammers?

I’ve been having trouble, unsure what to do against people who like to neutral jump?

Any suggestions?

I main fei long.

Dash forward and flame kick, or bait the neutral jump and flame kick if the opponent jumps in front of you. Remember, neutral jumps mean the opponent loses the ability to guard in SF4. Just try to flame kick on the opponent’s descent so you can make use of the start-up invincibility.

yeah fei isn’t the smartest character to neutral jump on, dash DP should make them feel silly.

i thought this was going to be about neutral jumping over fireballs honestly, why would they do that on fei?

Yeah characters with quick activating DP style moves generally don’t have a ton of trouble with neutral jumping. Neutral jumping messes up Gief a bit since it takes out anything but the very start up frames of lariat. Though good Giefs will eventually just start hitting you with the very start up of the lariat so they get a trade that works in their favor. Neutral jumping works pretty damned good against characters who don’t have projectiles that hover over the ground or slow starting DP’s like C.Viper. Stuff like Ryu’s neutrall jumping MK beats the shit out of C.Viper good lord. :lol:

Jumpforward HK.

yup, I pretty much just stick a foot in their face and they stop neutral jumping so much. I guess its kinda character specific, though. Ken’s forward jumping HK beats a lot of stuff mid-air, except for chun’s neutral HK…luckily a stuffs it cleanly everytime for some reason. Just gotta play around a bit in training mode, I guess.

Yup what these guys say i had the same problem with my guile against a ryu found out my jumping med punch stuffs alot of jump ins lol

I feel silly now for not thinking of dash forward flame kick on my own. I already did jump forward roundhouse but it got beat out by some moves with certain characters so I didn’t know how to punish those characters.

Thanks guys for the help.

make em land on a fireball.

if you dont have one then make them land on your furthest ranged poke whether its a crouching one or not, if they continue to neutral jump just mixup between making them land on something or jump kicking them in the face.

they should kick the habit quickly if you make them pay for it.

also gief can wiff to move himself forward so that he can 3 p the neutral jump. and his early from far works well also.


jump forward hk right away when he neutral jumps, it will beat anything he sticks out in the air

the only he can counter your jump forward hk is if he starts attacking right away as he neutral jumping…but then you can always block that, dash in and punish