How do you Train in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?


Hey, I’m pretty new to the Vs. series and I wanted to know how do you train for a game like this. I mean all I’ve been able to practice is execution which I have down pretty much, but as far as I don’t know…footsies or what not I’m stuck. I guess I’m saying I want to know the optimal way to train in Marvel to where I can improve.


from watchin ive seen that the most common technik its to keep your opponent away from the ground and on last possible hit strike with your special.
That seems the most common to me, its a bit like tekken it has it similaritys


Practice mode


Rule one NEVER BLOCK , Rule 2 steal someones team all the pros do it , Rule 3 have someone that can otg in a combo to extend it, and last but not least if all that fails F IT X FACTOR GAME OVER . these simple steps will have you playing like the pros in no time .


Play the game against a lot of people. Then you will get good.


And make sure you’re not mindlessly mashing.


and a before b, or in other words, pull and assist out first if doing a otg -> assist


Stuff you need to win:

Execution. This means not only being able to do your combos, but being able to do them in an actual game - anyone can beat on a training dummy, but you’ll see combos get dropped all the time in a real match. Figure out every scenario where you can turn a stray hit into a big combo - then practice them.

Matchup experience. Go online and play against people. Allow them to use their mixups on you, let them show you all their shenanigans and wild ideas so that you will never be seeing them for the first time in a match that matters. Do your best to figure out as much as you can about the matchup. Depending on what team you’re playing and who you’re playing against, this may require sandbagging. This may also expose flaws in your team - either figure out a workaround (not feasible in this game imo) or change your team to fix those flaws (better idea).

Reflexes. Because all of the above is useless if you can’t block. Unfortunately due to the nature of online play, this can be hard to train unless you have an offline friend who can play Magneto well.

A solid grasp of the game mechanics is also good to have, but this is something you should acquire while getting matchup experience.

Basically, play the game a lot, understand the game well, don’t drop combos, and don’t get hit.