How do YOU training mode?

What do you do in training mode? Share with us your weird habits, ritualistic training patterns, what characters you use. Everything!

I always go to training mode when I boot up SF4 to warm up before playing online. I always start out doing single jab to headbutt, and I add a jab everytime I succeed. I always pick Zangief as my opposite because… I really hate Zangief. Also I practice my overhead combos way too much, because they look awesome. I end the session with maxxed meters and ex upper loop combo practice, which I cant get past 17 hits!! The number is cursed! (my execution needs TONS of work!:sweat:)

I hope this thread can be fun as well as constructive, your habits may well give others a fresh look at training mode and help them use training mode to its potential. My list is a terrible example, but I hope to learn from everyone so I can better myself as a player as well!

Training mode is for execution. Online play is for training strategy. Online points don’t mean anything :\


Anyways, right after booting i usually do the bnb (clp clp clk)into headbutt ultra until i do it like 5 or 10 times in a row, which usually takes 2 or 3 minutes. Then i do a few dash swing blow into xx headbutt. Don’t practice the to headbutt anymore since it’s so easy.

Then i do a few jump ins into bnb and focus attack into bnb (also focus into xx headbutt ultra). All in all it’s less than 10 minutes training and it helps my muscles remember all the timings.

I don’t even consider g2 as a training since it’s mostly scrubs and i’m only playing to rack up points for g1. am around 8500 right now and i can usually do 500 gp in under 2 hours if I don’t get stupid hands after a few matches.

Hopefully will hit g1 by september and the real training will start

Since I played Halo for so long before this game I always do a couple warm up games before matchmaking.

I usually just do what everyone else does and just practices bnbs.

with balrog i just practice his combos, ex loop, lp lk headbutt, overhead into lk or mp, mk lp mp, etc

That EX rush upper still gets me so I like to practice that for about 10 minutes. Then I switch to ryu just to do his EX Hadoken->Ultra. I don’t even play ryu but its so fucking cool.

Yea I also practice a bit with Ryu just to FADC lol

EX Upper loops on infinite meter, try and top my combo record

I really need to practice this more too. My max is only 17 T_T… I’ve been trying figure out when I should be trying to combo. I set up a blanka because I knew a lot of his weak points already, I recorded his :df::hp: and learned how to do some combos off blocking that. I want to try all sorts of stuff. I practiced a lot of blocked SRK combos off Ryu, I can’t tell if it really worked though but from what I can tell if I hit him with a :mp: or :lp: just as he lands its unblockable, and I can combo from there for a better punish than just a throw. Anyone else use scenarios like this? Know a good way to make sure its legit and will work in a match without having an actual player on the other side? Anyone have specific moves they practice punishing?

I also practice whiffed srks, when you record it, try inputting the srk and record a couple of seconds of crouch blocking after so you can practice the timing of hitting xx HB or whatever you use to punish.

I also record a ryu training dummy mashing srk, to look for holes in my combos and block strings.

i just play Player Vs CPU on the hardest difficulty … practicing punishing the CPU with they’re mistakes … about 10 matches before starting on any ranked matches …

training mode dont hit back :stuck_out_tongue: .

upper loops on the xbox360 dpad , since i own no stick, and i cant play with the analog stick

To record moves/tactics that give me problems and test out solutions.

Training mode is for testing and execution.

Training mode is far more than execution;)
Just record the shit you lose too and go on. This trains your reactions for all possible situations.

i start of doing hard trial 5 three times

then hit training mode and practice some bnb’s

and my ultra links

Try setting up Zangief to lariat (kkk and ppp) nonstop while holding back so he is blocking when he is in between. Now do rush upper loops into him to practice execution. Believe me if u mess up he hits back. I also setup different characters moves I want to punish (Gen’s oga, guile’s c.rh, etc) and try different ways to max the hurt.

I use it for execution and record/playback punish practice.

rush upper loops and practice punishing wiffed low fowards and what not

Same here.

Like most player i guess.I go to training mode for warming up…

I use Ken and make him spam Hp Shoryken lol . THan i practice some basic combo .
Doing 17 long combo hmm maybe … But long combo are useless because of damage scaling . But i do them just to get my execution ready.

I also started to play Dhalsim … Not bored of Balrog but i touched a bit of every character in this game(started him yesterday so i basicly practice a lot) . I played 3-4 game online with him .

Also i don’t do much championship or ranked match .Mostly play against friend online . Because they live very close to me and we play with 2 ms.So it’s basicly lag free.Plus we want to improve … Online it’s basicly scrubs that perma jump or do thick throw.Vs friend we can focus on something to improve our game.For exemple Focusing on footsies only … or zoning etc.

But i also warm up on arcade mode … Sure the IA 's very cheap.I basicly know all the IA patern lol…But it’s good for warming up and just getting my execution better when my friend aren’t online.

Oh and G1 … Yeah some player have made it into G1 (PC) and i looked their replay … They are very ordinary but i don’t blame them.

Just once so far i think i played against a very advanced player.I swear it’s was a pro! … He was playing Sagat and he completly destroyed me … i though His Sagat would come out of the screen and Tiger shot me .