How do you transport a HDTV?

Hi, I’m going to a gaming get together soon and I want to bring a TV. I’d rather not try and fit my heavy old SDTV into my little car so I figured it’d be better off taking my '32 LCD instead. Problem is I don’t have the box for the TV so the easy solution is out.

I plan on going about 300 miles and I don’t know how best to go about this. Is it best to set the TV face down, face up, stand it up? I know I need to try to keep it stationary and that I need to wrap foam around it but is there a type of foam I shouldn’t use and would wrapping it tightly risk scratching the screen?

Any help would be appreciatied. Even if I don’t take the TV with me, I do plan on moving in a few months and any help would be welcome.

I have moved mine a couple of times, also a 32 inch LCD. I laid mine in the back of my SUV face up. I wrapped some plastic around the screen (sorry I do not know the kind, it was leftover from a window I had installed in my house) and secured it in place along the edge of the screen with painter tape so that it would easily come off. To secure everything in place I just put a bunch of pillows in the back so that the TV would not move more than an inch or so in any direction and had it all held down with a couple of bungee cords stretched across the back area to make sure nothing flew up. Lot of work I know, but for how much money I spent on it I was taking no chances.

I have a 32 lcd as well and when i moved out of my place and into a uhaul, I wrapped it blankets and stood it up and wedged it inbetween 2 things where the actual screen wouldn’t touch. Hard to explain.

But laying it face up would probably be just as good. just don’t lay it flat on the screen side.

If laying it on it’s back won’t likely hurt anything I’ll probably go with that. Using the advanced measuring tools at my disposal (holding my arms apart), it seems like the TV should just fit in my trunk with about a inch of both sides to spare and I should have enough covers and pillows to cushion it well. Sadly, there isn’t any way for me to secure it with a cord, even if I lay it in the backseat. However I imagine the TV is heavy enough to stay in place as long as I don’t go crusing over speed bumps.

Thanks for the input.

It doesn’t matter. As long as you make sure nothing is hitting the screen, it DOES NOT MATTER if you lay your tv face down, face up, or any kind of sideways. It will be fine.

I work at an electronics retailer and we lay them down all the time before we put them up and when we put them in people’s cars. We honestly lay TVs on their face all the time and never have problems with them when we put them up for display. By far the easiest way to attach the wall mount brackets to the back of a flat panel TV is laying it on it’s face.

Wrap it up (probably some kind of bubble wrap) and you can put it in there however you want.