How do you unfollow people?


I haven’t played this game in a while and now I am picking it back up because of Ultra.

I had a few people I “followed”. I don’t care to follow them anymore but cannot find exactly how to unfollow them. It keeps asking me to download new videos and I’m not interested. How do you unfollow someone?


You go to leaderboards, and go to the tab “following”, select their name and bring up their screen and press start again. The icon which indicated you were following them is now gone.


THANK YOU. I’v been trying to figure this out for so fucking long. capcom is awful atUI Design


Thanks a bunch. I was searching all over replay channel and thought I lost my mind.



I think I have a bug because I was following 5 players but when I went to the list of players I was following it only showed 4.


Thanks that replay message has been bugging me for the past 4 years. I’m finally free!


Why would you want to unfollow someone?

But following them is the whole point of being a stalker!

just sayin.