How do you unmap the Taunt button?

In all seriousness, how do you unmap the taunt button?

I play on a controller and apparently my finger sometimes slide to the back button. Nevermind the fact that I don’t want to give my opponent the wrong impression … What pisses me off is that taunts cannot be cancelled (via normals/specials/supers) and so I’m wide open.

I’ve checked the menus … I cannot figure it out.

I can’t say I have ever mistakenly hit the back button in my XB360 fighting game career. The start button a few times, but never the back button.

I assume you’re playing with the thumbstick, then? Same as me. I can further assume you’re ‘going apeshit’ on the controller because all you’re ever doing is motions, taps, and holding it in place for movement, so hitting the back button means you’re going off on it.

Calm down and stop having seizures, take it easy on the thumbstick.

Wait, you have Deadpool in your team and want to get rid of the taunt button, you serious?

Sorry, but I can’t help you.

my sentiments exactly

Open it up and pull out the plastic button. Thats about the best I can suggest for you.
Or find some tape or something to wedge something in it so its always pressed. cant press it if its pressed.

Lol, I have no issue with taunting with Deadpool … Taunt with Phoenix however and you’ve lost the game, assuming you don’t have 5 bars that is.