How do you use Ken's BLACK costume in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike?


I’ve beaten the game with Ken.

I’ve held down start and tried out every button by itself, and I’ve tried pressing LP+MP+MK and LP+HP+MK together.

I only was able to choose from red, lime green, yellow, purple, blue, red, and white.

I’ve seen some vids with Ken in black costumes.




It seems that you are playing it on the ps2, so there isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t get it.


>_> this should’ve went in the Street Fighter III sub section man. Do some research next time.


Lane, ur link doesn’t tell me wut I need to know. I already saw that, via google, along with other pages that say the same thing (that button combo is for WHITE).

SSRagna, ur link has nothing on it.


He only told you to do some research on this.
Really, a trip to won’t hurt, and I’m more than sure they got the answer.


I don’t see how much more specific I need to get. It’s not rocket science


first of all it’s grey

secondly if you remapped the buttons on console you still need to press the original buttons, which iirc is square, circle, and r1.


You can’t use that costume until you defeat shen long.


LP+MK+HP gave me white.

Btw, I’m using an adapter for a PS2 stick on my xbox. I only had to change 2 button configurations, but that might be what keeps messing me up, even though i tried more button combinations than the ones sites are saying.

PozerWolf, I know wut gamefaqs is. They all say the same thing for alternate costumes. Hold start, press a button, or press LP+MK+HP, or LP+MP+MK.

Gajinblaze, I’m following you. It’s gotta be the simple button remapping I did, because even though I’m doing the same attacks, the game itself is prolly not registering it under that.


How u be doin dem juice kicks sun?!!!


GREAT. xbox has 2 heavy punch buttons and 2 heavy kick buttons in the game manual. I might not even be able to use it.

edit: just tried out the extra HP with it and it still didn’t work.

Oh well. Thnx for trying to help everyone.


EDIT: just tried the combination with my xbox controller and it worked fine. Guess it just acts up with my PS2stick+adapter. eh, only one color i can’t use if I play against sum1 else in this exact same situation without a normal controller to color select then controller swap. lol.


ps2 is start button + button

xbox is back button + button