How do YOU use Vector Drain?



i never really hear about this special; someone mentioned that you can mash vector drain H during your opponent’s blockstrings, and you’ll grab them if they try anything sneaky. i tried it a couple times online, but i forgot to block low first and just ate a combo.
i know this sounds like a stupid idea, but i’ve grabbed opponents out of blockstrings when i was trying to use dr. strange’s illusion.

what do you guys use vector drain for if at all?


I hardly ever use it, just when I think my opponent is focusing on solely blocking. Just to mix things up I guess.


I mostly use it as a defensive tool, like against things like a poorly placed dive kick or grabbing Spencer between a blocked overhead -> Armor Piercer. Other than a staggered st.L when attempting poke strings I don’t really have many offensive setups for it. It’d be nice of someone could chime in on any ways to set it up and maximize off the command throw.


I guess people don’t use Vector Drain much, because Morrigan’s in the air most of the time and plus the reward for Morrian herself isn’t that great, afaik. The only followup I know is with Shadow Servant xx DHC/XFC, though I remember reading somewhere here that there was another way to combo after it.

An offensive setup you could do is st.L f.M, and kara cancel into L Vector Drain.


ooo, i like DBC’s morrigan avatar.
i was really hoping morrigan could command grab people if they have holes in their blockstrings or if they try to use a crossup move, like vergil’s sword charge or wolverine’s berserker slash, and it could be the same as pressuring ghost rider when he has access to xfactor and his invincible grab hyper.
sadly, it didn’t work out too well at all. i vector drained vergil out of his crossup once. it was easier to just do a regular grab, but that didn’t seem guaranteed either.


You can tick into it, call Doom missiles a split second before you input the motion, and you can get a combo after it with the OTG missiles. The L version has decent range so after conditioning your opponent to block ADDF j.H’s you could probably tick it into it after that. Havent tryed using it in real matches though. Its definitely not something to use alot.


Timer scam. Seriously, it takes forever to complete, so if I have the lead, I look for places to punish with it. You can also use it for kill combos if you’re willing to burn X-factor of course.


you can combo into vector drain but you need to call hidden missiles first which makes it tick setup.

The cmmd grab is ok, @ least it can be option selected to cover some of the wiff animations and give you another layer. Not that many great uses. If the opponent is really happy with grounded tick throws, you can use the cmmd priority to out rival their normal grab attempt.

morrigan has no get off me moves, this is the best one she has and its not that great. It has uses but nothing substantial from what I can see.


lol i did something funny with vector drain today. i was playing my friend, and the grab connected when i used it on morrigan’s wakeup. he would hit my with a hyper in the corner that knocked me down, and i vector drained him both times. worked against magneto’s magnetic shockwave and vergils… maximum vergil? idk what it’s called.
that’s pretty cool. it might be an option to use when your opponent knocks you down and stays right by you to continue pressure.


So youre saying wakeup command grab basically?


i’m just so surprised it actually worked, twice! i’ll keep trying it and let you guys know how it goes. i really want vector drain to be a bigger part of morrigan’s gameplan.

for some reason, i accidentally used :l: vector drain. i assume :h: would be ideal.


Why not just mash f.H on wakeup instead? Just as fast, easier to time, and you get a nice option select out of it.


Less grab range, techable, and 6H is not jump cancelable on whiff, making it every bit as unsafe.


Yeah you can actually fly cancel vector drain which is insane.


That flight cancel is still unsafe, just not as unsafe. You’re still looking at 12 frame minimum until you can block again on whiff. That’s too fast to react to, but if they were already pushing buttons, you’re gonna get bopped.


It’s techable, but that’s why you do f.H, and then qcb.H as soon as it goes off, so a tech lands you in the command grab.
The grab range is less, but I assume we’re not going to be going for oki grabs unless an opponent is right up in our face. At least I wouldn’t.
It’s not jump cancelable on whiff, but neither is the command grab, so who cares? You can still cancel it into more, safer things than the command grab, like Shadow Blade.


Grab after you block is techable? It’s pretty much like a grab but more range?


yes, more range, and more damage to be exact :3


mkay, so i’ve been testing vector drain usage online, when i remember, and it’s coming along nicely.
i grabbed iron fist out of his mash storm (blockstring), grabbed zero at the end of his blockstring, and i always grab vergil after his maximum vergil connects while morrigan’s in the corner. the zero player i grabbed was on a mic and he was all, “what?! how did he get a grab?!?!” lolol
wakeup vector drain has been working a lot for me. they knock morrigan down, i use vector drain, the announcer yells “reversal!”, and it looks like she grabs them before she even gets up! even if someone jumps, they don’t punish the whiff animation for some reason.


Of course you can’t tech Vector Drain.