How do you warm up?



I am curious whether or not anyone stretches or does specific warm ups in training mode or another mode to get themselves psyched to play!

Explanational answers are appreciated!

  • Richie


i practice all my moves in training mode for a bit and do a few hardest cpu guile rounds hes about the only cpu i found that fights even remotely semi normal


I tend to just briefly practise moves which i cant do very well. And as above Switch on CPU to someone who i have a poor matchup with. But not on hardest :stuck_out_tongue:


I play ranked to warm up, then go into Endless. Far better to practice with people constantly than have a one off game methinks.


I mostly practice combos, FADCs, TKCS after certain normals, and I do them on both sides on both sides of the screen of course.


Which normals?


TKCS after normals like cl st fierce, cr fierce, cr strong, cl st strong, far st jab, walk forward walk back TKCS, jumpin short.


Do agree! just started doing that instead seems more fun and slightly better!


I just go straight into endless.


I’m new to this site and I don’t know if this is the place to ask this, but are there any Cammy players here interested in running some casuals?


couple shots of jack daniels gets me hype as heck!


oh man i have differernt routines.

never go on a live match before warming up in training wtf is wrong with you!! :xeye:

  1. i train Bnbs and combos. how would you hit them 1F links if you dont train day and night. P1 and P2 side. different new. and old. all. grinding.

  2. setups and situations. of knockdowns arrow. or throws. and what situation or opportunities presented after a certain knockdown. you should know your options.

  3. spacing. this is more in the matchup training. like. what poke should you use to beat his poke and where should you stand. generally there are 2 zones. zone 1 outside there longest reaching poke. zone 2 inside his longest reaching poke.

  4. blockstrings and frametraps.

  5. matchups. when i lose to a certain tactics or matchup. i go to training and replicate that same situation. and see how i can beat it or escape it … safely if possible. ready for the salty run back! shit wont work on me again :oops:

oh wait im getting this wrong am i?? this is only warm up. not training thread. >:( fail post.



Nah it ties in. Thanks for divulging Your secrets though! rubs hands together muhahauhauhauh


A beer.


Right on the money!! Except i only do #1 mostly, but i really need to throw myself into doing everything else. Lol


i play people i know… shoulder to shoulder with a few friends who know how i play… that way i feel more at ease and in my element before a tournament match

but when i play em, i dont just try to win… i go through all my tricks and BnBs, then put some time into using my pokes, practicing my spacing, my pressure, and my AAs … i also like to spend a lot of time watching other matches of people i dont know and giving out advice or just yapping over their shoulder… i dont know why this helps me get drummed up but it does… try it