How do you watch uploads

I don’t know if theres a difference in psn or live, but when u win a champion series you may get to upload your match. i don’t have a clue as to how to look for these videos. i tried looking in the psn section but didnt see anything related.

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Go to leaderboards (it’s an option when you go to Network Play) to watch replays/uploads. Then go to the replays section (Sections like Arcade Scores, CP Points, etc). You can sort by friends, everyone, etc etc.

You add me on PSN? We should get some matches in, you need the Gen exp. ;]

yeah i got you on psn, i cant even find “Network Play” -_- do i need ps home or something?

When I said network play, I meant the place where you go to play online. (Not sure what it’s called on PSN) but it’s the place where you get to PLayer Match, Ranked Match, CHamp Mode. It should be under those places.

no luck

try the Gallery? I think maybe you can get to the scoreboards from there.

hmm, I guess xbox vs psn is different -_- I’m like a week new to PSN haha but figured it wouldn’t be that muc different.

I believe its the third option on the main menu,

Arcade Mode
Versus Mode
Network Mode <<<

Then you have the network menu

Ranking Match
Player Match
Championship Match
Leaderboards <<<
Confirm Player Invite

It’ll show you the leaderboards for arcade mode, check the navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen and navigate to Championship Mode (Most CP Gained) leaderboards. One of the buttons on the navigation buttons allow you to filter the view to your ranking. Now find your match and there should be a little icon on the side that looks like a film reel with a play button, and press X and it should ask you if you want to watch the replay.

I can’t believe I just walked you through all that…

OP, Are you sure i got a replay? Coz if not you might be looking for nothing.

I wanted to watch other players or myself if I get the option. But if i have to of uploaded my own match, then no wonder i can’t see the “Leaderboards” options

Whatever it’s called, I’m 99% sure it’s the second to last option in the Network menu, the last being “Confirm Invites”

The game prompts you to upload a replay if you win a Final in Championship mode and the total CP you gained is in the top 5000 or so. Otherwise, you can watch the replays of any record with the little “Play” icon.

It’s important to navigate to “Championship Mode (Most CP Gained)” page in the Leaderboards/Rankings/Whatever-it’s-called menu. Alternatively, theres also a “New Replays” page which are the latest replays uploaded to the Championsip Mode (Most CP Gained) page.