How do you wire a 360 PCB to a JLF or Seimitsu?

I am researching my new dual stick and just realized you need a common ground in those sticks, is there a way around this? I cannot find a picture of the actual JLF or Seimitsu pcb but I know the 360 pcb has 7 shared grounds.

Just get a 360 pcb with common grounds. There are a couple Madcatz pads that are common ground setups. I recommend the micron.

for 2 pcb in a stick the micron would say you so much room, but if you arnt building a 2pcb stick go with a regular madcatz controller

If you need a common ground 360 controller, you have three options:

  1. The new 360 wireless (edited) controllers are all common ground. Anything produced after the Halo 3 controllers use the new common ground setup. Obviously though having it wireless in a dual PCB config will create additional issues.

  2. The madcatz micron controllers (also sold as gamestop brand) are common ground. You can tell these models because the end of the grips comes to a “point”

This is a common ground version:
(also all the ass-ugly NFL controllers are this model as well)

this one is not:

  1. The Madcatz “Arcade joystick”, which looked like an oldschool atari controller, is common ground. It’s discontinued, and the PCB inside of it is HUGE.

Is this the regular one?

Stink that it isnt wireless though, 2 things:

Is there a soldering diagram to this pad somewhere?

Is there a way to connect either stick to a standard 360 wireless pcb?

yeah thats the one. and if you can follow traces u can tell where the grounds and signals are. but there are diagrams on the internet.(slagcoin site)

there is a way to hook them up but it requires you to mod the sanwa jlf pcb a bit and solder to the micro switches.

official 360 wired controllers are common line, not common ground

the official wireless ones are common ground however

I know that site, I dont remember seeing diagrams for PCBs though. Does he have that PCB mapped out?

Wrong! The wireless controllers are common ground. The wired ones use a common line setup. Use one of them with a PS2 PCB or similar and you might fry the lot as it’s like shorting voltage direct to ground.

Jhferry - What do you need, a wired or wireless PCB? Also when you say dual stick, do you mean a stick with 360 and another PCB with a switch, or two sticks?

yeah he has a bunch of images of pads up on there.

What I want is a 2 player setup so I need 2 pcbs. I have modded a stick before with the 360 pcb so the wireless one is the one I want. I didnt know the wireless controller was now common ground. How can you identify one of those and does anyone have the 360 wireless common ground pcb mapped?

The new Wireless 360 controller is ‘technically’ Common Ground, because all of the buttons are, but if ya plan on using the Triggers (they’re not buttons because they’re part of the Analog section of the controller, the Z-axis) you’ll have to take extra steps there as they’re bass ackwards in how they work, they go high, not low to fire, so you can’t treat them as common ground when dealing with them. Any actual ‘button’ on the controller though is common ground.

You can tell if ya have the newer CG version board or the older Matrix one just by looking in thru the battery compartment on the thing and it’s all traced out here…



If you get a Seimitsu LS-32 you won’t need a common ground. As you can see here I wired my stick up to a non common ground wireless PCB. I just used the LS-32 instead of the LS-32-01 and bought the S plate separately since I needed the S plate to fit into the custom case.

Yeah, I mistyped that. Sorry for any confusion OP. All the newest wireless controllers are common ground (disregarding the triggers), but if you’re buying new the only surefire way to tell is to purchase a halo or colored (blue/pink) controller.

You’ll still find the Matrix boards in those controllers as well, it’s a crap shoot as to what you’ll really get. If ya get the version ya don’t want odds are ya can find someone to trade with that has the other one, someone that isn’t building a stick and just uses the controller, then ya can just swap boards with them.

I am familiar with the triggers having hacked a matrix board in the past. As far as the new board, where do you solder to? I dont see the same type of solder points as the matrix boards.

Most of what I see here is using a wired 360 PCB to a JLF, does anyone know If you can use a wireless 360 pcb to a JLF?

not to make another thread…

i recently got a x360 but i didnt like it and sold it the next week lolz…

anyways i kept a pad for a future custom stick build and i ld like to know if its a common ground or not?

here’s pics:

if its not common ground can i still use it with sanwa or seimitsu sticks or it would be a big trouble and i should just trade it for a new one or something?

Take the battery cover off, RDC posted the pics above on how to tell the difference.

^there is no battery cover, that’s a wired controller.