How do you wire a 360 PCB to a JLF or Seimitsu?

It would have been easy to tell if ya hadn’t wiped the numbers off the sticker there, you’ll have to open it now to tell which it is.

There’s always a way. If its a common ground wireless, then sure, easy. If it’s not a common ground, the easiest way would be to buy 4 cherry microswitches, remove the original switches and PCB board from the JLF, put in the cherry microswitches, and wire two wires from each switch to each direction.

You could always cut away the green part of the board, and solder to each point. But thats a bitch.

ok im trying to open it right now but damn its hard…

ok i got it

edit: this pad is quite old i think it was sold together with the first gen of x360’s if that helps…

sorry for the double post but anyone got to see this? is this common ground? ^

all wired pads are not common ground, however it may be common line

but since you said first gen 360 it’s probably not common ground(or line)

to verify plug the controller in. grab a paperclip and unbend it(or wire). place one side of your paper clip(call it side A) to one side of the metal contact where a button(Call it button A) would be and the other side(Call it side B) to one side of the metal contact of where a different button(call it button B) would be. If nothing happens move side B to the other half of the Button B contact

If something happens, it’s common line(probably not going to happen and if it happens it would most likely be common line)
If nothing happens, each button has its own line and ground