How do you wire buttons to this fightstick


I tried wiring it myself but I messed up.


I have’nt been in tech talk for a minute. But let me start off with saying the vagueness of your question is terrible. What are you wiring up that stick to a new pcb,to an old hacked pcb , to a generator???

Are you keeping the old layout? Do you have pics of your wiring job? Did you put in new buttons? Did you put in a new joytsick?

Whats the actual probem? Does it not get recognized when plugged in? Are buttons not engaging? Is the stick not working?

Final question should I have ignored this thread all together?


I put in new buttons but I have no ideal how to wire them to the PCB


go to Look up PCB and wiring.


Try this thread:


Yep thats the stick I own thank you