How do you wire LED from hori EX2 to cthulhu

I have an hori ex2 I’m planning on modding. and I’m planning on replacing the pcb with MC cthulhu pcb. what I want to know is how to wire the player LED on the guide button to just light up (all 4 of them) when it’s plugged in. I don’t need nor want it to light it at certain controller player. just all 4 LED light up when you plug it in. it should be a simple wiring of LED. but I don’t know how to wire up an led.

post up a picture of the board underneath the guide button and I’ll see if its obvious.

thanks. here’s the guide button and led board.

I will be cutting the black cable to wire it for the home button (in case I wasn’t clear) to the MC cthulhu. I know that I can tap those led lights at the solder points, and wire it like LED but how do I wire it up? also, let’s say I dual mod it, with a madcatz 360 pad (replacing this pcb because this is not common ground), can I desolder the existing LED on the controller and link the wire to this pcb for this LED? I’m not sure which one I’m going with, but most likely it will just the the MC cthulhu for cost and I don’t have a x360.
thanks for whatever help you give me.

You need to wire a resistor, probably a 330-360 ohm, before the LEDs.

So if you have:

Vcc-----> ----[330 Ohm]----> ----->| (LED) |--------> Ground

Do that 4 times.

Remove the ribbon cables going to LED, leave the 2 Guide wires and solder the resistors into those holes leading into the LEDs. Then twist the resistors at the other end and connect that to the Vcc. The Voltage can only flow one way through the LED indicated by arrows. Then connect the led outputs to ground.

A better pic would be nice; I can’t quite make out 100% what all’s going on, but at a guess from what I see, take a peek at the ‘1’ and ‘7’ on either end of the ribbon.
Pins 1-4: Put in one leg of a 330 Ohm resistor, connect the other legs of the resistors together and to ground.
Pin 5: VCC screw terminal or unlabelled point on the Cthulhu.

May be wrong, so please test.

The EX2 LEDs have the anode in common and so are the LEDs on the Madcatz PCB so the wiring is straightforward (the LEDs on the Madcaz PCB need to go, of course):

This is a lucky case but you can have other cases where the LEDS are common anode on one PCB and common cathode on the other. I recently had to mod a Madcatz TE, which is common anode, with a Microsoft wireless PCB (later model), which is common cathode. To get the MS PCB to control the TE LEDs I desoldered the TE LEDs and soldered them back on with reversed polarity: