How do YOU Yoga?

I was just wanting to get an overall view of how others play with Sim. It seems that, like many other characters, Sim can be played in a variety of ways. I’ve been watching videos of high level Sim players, but I don’t really move Sim around the way they do.

I use a lot of normal attacks, obviously…but I jump backwards and throw HP alot, combined with baiting jump-ins with LP Yoga Fire. Also, I use the drill only to stay in range to reach my opponents with my normals. Teleport shenanigans are also included.

How do you play Sim?

I whore the LP fire at range and limbs to bat people away when they advance, pretty simplistic but I find that it gets to get the job done. I throw out a lot of normals too cause people think they can just work at Sim (stupid people at least) it takes 2-3 st.mks for people to realise blocking is a good idea. Focus whores are fun cause they almost never DC out, so more free damage there…

I also try to use drills like divekicks… Works perhaps once or twice… <_<

I lose.

I abuse the reach of a lot and cancel into fires randomly from it.

I jump drill out of the gaps in my opponents block strings while in the corner. This is of course to avoid teching a forthcoming tick throw. If there are no gaps, if they jump with me, or if they walk backwards to punish… then i will lose. …



i p90x yoga

i play very cautiously at first wait for them to mess up and easy punishment then once i have the lead a just sit back and punish most anything they throw my way, if they get first damage I try to frustrate them, and keep them out as long as i can then when they are least expecting… tele bnb super!!! then ultra into another bnb, soon after they ususally die… and iv won the match!!! WOOHOOO so satisfying

matchup depending I will feel them out to gauge thier skill level against sim. I will stay mostly grounded and do some safe pokes and bait a few times to see how they react. IAT backwards a few times to see if they do the default jab counter. If they press/rush I train em as early as possible with AA so I dont have to worry about freaking out later…

Once I have an idea of thier basic skill I will adjust my play… sometimes I will put out the traps/tele crossups, other times I will keep it extremely basic and poke n zone. Lots of Short + B Med Kick if things are closer than I like them… yoga tower at random times can throw em off too…

If I take first round, I NEVER use the super saved in the second round… (unless its a free and a round ender) I like to save em up for the 3rd round if it gets to that point…

If I am drinking… I play him aggressive (and lose a lot) but sometimes it catches em WAY off to have pressure applied by the stringy guy :slight_smile:

at the start of a match i will hesitate for a second, and if my opponent backs away, i close the distance with either a mk or hk roll…

…then i remember im playing sim and not as abel, and slide my way closer instead.

i also fuck up my bnb bk mk into lp flame a lot atm. my execution is outta whack atm :frowning:

I tend to play it a lot safer vs. chars with DP’s than other chars. If it’s someone who I can get up close and personal, I try to abuse sim’s variable reach to mess with their head.

Because I’m still learning him, I try to avoid using combos, since I mostly screw them up (esp. B + Mk > flame), and because he is a perfectly capable character without them.

I also use the drill kicks and mummy to play air trajectory games. VS. non-dp characters, I will ground my opponent, hover over them, and then up into instant HK drill or back into mummy. I’m working on using the various drill kicks out of tele’s to cross up my opponent or to space them out how i want them.