How do you zone properly?


This is something I can’t do well at all. Do you need to have fast reactions when the opponent is in range for a certain move? I always get out zoned …


next time post ur team and groove perhaps?

i guess ur using mai judging by ur av, throw some shit with her… idunno


Mai zones with s.jab, s.short on the ground and s.fierce for AA… Locking down with fans also works well since the come out fast and have a small recovery…

In general though, zoning isn’t as reliant on reflexes as it is the knowledge of your poke ranges… you have to know the precise place where your poke with whiff, especially for hard P/K pokes… Projectiles are also useful to zone out, but again you need to know the range where the opponent would be able to jump over it and punish you or roll under before you recover… I guess that’s the basic idea of zoning


I’m sorry. The first time I tried to make this topic I had my characters and grooves but I got an error. These are the characters I play as mainly.


As you can see I’m more of a fan of speed then power. Those are the characters that I know the most, I know the ground CC’s and anti air CC’s but I can’t execute them all the time. I’m more of a K/P groover myself …

I have the tendency to just do Standing Roundhouse all the time with Yuri, no matter how close I am to the opponent. Hopefully thats an insight on how I fail at zoning …

Thanks for the help so far.


Just get them in a tight spot where they can’t move without u hitting them.
Ex. (Mai: Throw fans to get them in corner, walk forward. Throw some more fans. They can’t jump, you can do standing fierce. They can’t roll, u can just do cr. RH.)

That’s all. Just keep them from moving in on you.


eh… Kyo and Ryu are all power. I wouldn’t use them unless you’re playing to dizzy your opponent in like 3 hits (which is how they’re played at high levels).

I use Akuma. You can zone with Akuma by using his air fireball. Do it from jump straight up and jumping away. The opponent will try to stop you with jumping towards attack before your fireball comes out. You stop that by doing a jumping HP or HK instead of throwing the fireball. Mixup between the fireball and the jumping attack. That should give a you good start. Akuma’s uppercut is really good too. Also use your far s.HK as anti-air.

Cammy controls the ground. You zone by walking back and forth and keeping the opponent in check with s.HK (and s.HP when they’re slightly closer). Far s.HK can be used as anti-air. RC drills should be used every now and then too (very sparingly though… since they’re not totally safe).


Throwing fans will hardly force someone into the corner.


Yes it will. Pokes says it works, so don’t you dare say otherwise.


Think about it…there’s only a few things they can do…
jump over the fans, but you can just st. fierce them

they can roll, but u can just trip them

they can RC, but u could just block, unless ur going against Blanka, or Bison, or any other character where their moves go across the screen Mai should be okay.


Well that is why you zone her, Mai’s ground pokes are not the best around, so just get yourself in a position where you could react to her fan throwing by jump kicking her in the head, and slowly poke your way until your opponent breaks down. If you happen to push Mai into a corner, that is where she is hurt, so go for that.

Zoning in my opinion is getting your opponent in a disfavorable position, it is different for many characters. Walking back and forth is a good way to zone, it gives you an option to react to your opponent’s actions instead giving that advantage to them. By walking back and forth, I mean not across the screen, at a distance to where if they wiff a poke you can punish it. Jumping straight up is also very good for zoning, since jumping straight up anti air beats out most characters jump in.


Hmm, or you could:

-Jump straight up
-roll (and not get sweeped depending on the distance the fan is thrown… ie if mai is close you can roll and punish… at some distances, true, you can get punished by a sweep… that’s if you have to wait for the fan to reach you… and then roll into her sweep range… but it’s not a guaranteed sweep)
-super jump
-projectile super
-RC (ie eagle, blanka, bison (like you mentioned)) And you say it like “most characters cant rc through this” but bison and blanka are played lots in tournament/casual play.
-throw a projectile, lots of characters have better recovery on their projectiles than mai

But basically fans alone arent going to push someone into a corner. Jumping straight up is more than enough to not be pushed back… and that’s just the simplest and most mind numbingly easy answer… it might not punish, but it will keep you on even ground, but if you expect because you throw fans at someone that they will block or back up until they are in corner :confused:


I know what u mean. But what I was trying to get at was that those r just basic cause and effects of what could happen. Most likely a player will want to advance and not just keep jumping straight up in the air.
Okay, so lets just agree that the things we listed r basics, but it all depends on groove/character/range etc. Which would cause strategies to change anyway. (i.e) the different things we listed.




Zoning, basically, is putting your character into an advantageous position. In this position, two good things occur:

  1. Your attacks can hit him.
  2. His attacks can’t hit you.

This is how to zone people! Just be somewhere where both 1) and 2) hold.


I know Ryu and Kyo are more power, but the runs are pretty goodfor pressure. I GC with them all the time if I can get in.

I guess its just a matter of counter characters? I hate matches like Chun vs P or K Geese, Yamazaki or Vega.

If Mai is ever in the corner, I distance with crouching strong. Mainly to build up her charge special, d u+p. Crouching strong pushes them back a bit so she should hit their knees. Pretty safe …

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


dude, the mai zoning works. you can add footsies to make em whiff and get a free cc or c.hp qcb+hp. i know this works because i’ve done this before.