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Wath is the input extact for dash demon?


why don’t you check where you already asked this exact same question before making a thread on it.


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It’s dash - then -> mp, lp, lp, DF, lk, hp.

Now go in to training mode and keep trying that EXACT method to do it and don’t stop until you’ve done it many times in a row.

Trust me when I say there is absolutely, positively, no easier or more simple way to do it than what I just described.

Have fun.


Here’s a tip. The comand should be like toward, toward + lp, lp, (forward mp. If you want kara), lk, hp.


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command is dash, LK, HK, MP, MP and up. try it. shit works, i landed it today on MOV. true story.


I think the Konami Code works too


Down, R, Up ,L ,Y ,B after the dash


I learn to dash demon like this, dash and drum middle and index fingers to lp, lp, then when u land tap forward and lk, hp
as u get speed u try to get the hole motion during the dash, but to start try what I just post, dont bother to kara demon if u dash right next to ur opponent


Why are people offering serious answers?


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:u: :d: :l: :r: :snka: + Start

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What was the Idol code for KI 1?


I actually remember this!!! (or I think i do)
choose cinder, in vs screen, hold right, then press lp, mk, lk, mp, hp, hk…
or something like that…


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