How does automatic console detection work?


I’m talking about how the impv2, MCCthulhu and PS360+ detect different consoles automatically after being plugged in

It’s hard to imagine some of the older consoles sending a signal to the controller. (although entirely possible, especially with newer consoles) As for older consoles, SNES, PSX, Dreamcast, The only thing I can really think of is to simply have different cables connecting to different pins to produce the right signal. The problem with that is, The number of pins don’t correspond to the number of signals required. and unless all the old systems follow some sortof standard encoding procedure, that wouldn’t work either. Is there any public documentation on this?

Side question: are there 3rd party PS4 USB controllers yet? or are we still just padhacking for now? (or do PS3 PCBs work?)


Hori makes a Wired PS4 game pad , down side it isn’t common ground.
I know as I checked it out on a multimeter

Older controllers still receive some communication from the console. They need a latch, sense and/or clock signals.
And there some interesting development for some specialized controllers in the past.


I think the UPCB was entirely open source, you could read through it to see how it handled multi-console detection.


I skimmed through the first post. I didn’t see any source though =(

are you referring to

or something else?


In the middle of the first post:
Here is the sourcecode using MPLAB and Microchip’s C18 compiler :


excellent. thank you. I’ll start taking a look in a few days.