How does everyone time there links?


Muscle memory?
Sound cues?
Just know the exact time?
Count in your head?

How do you guys time you links? And what would you say is the most consistant way to land your link in a high pressure situation where you absolutely cannot miss it? Curious in other players methods :slight_smile:


For me I just uses the rhythm of my button presses, mainly because in a lot of place you play the sound may not be always up or you may not be always able to hear your character so I go off the tiny things i see. Like if the link works as soon as i pull my foot back from a and then tap again for another as an example, and i’d say play online as much as you can and just instead of trying to do the stuff you normally would try to do your links over and over even if you miss and it causes you the game you will eventually get it and then you wont miss it ever~ gl!


You practice. You practice until its part of your muscle memory, so that when you want to do a combo, you don’t have to think about it, your hands just know what to do by themselves. This also gives the added benefit of freeing up where you place your mental focus, so that you can focus on what your opponent is doing, instead of trying to land an advanced combo. This does wonders for your mental endurance.

Some people go by sound cues, but this is extremely unreliable. This is due to the fact that you won’t always be able to hear the sounds of the game. At many tournaments, it can often be too loud to properly hear the game. Your best bet is to do it based off of visual cues. This way you’re able to consistently land a combo on a majority of different setups, without being thrown TOO far off your muscle memory’s game.


constant practice, when you get it, then practice that timing


starting out usually watch teh animation ending. then just practice.


Muscle memory and timing. I can watch anyone do Juri’s EX divekick to Ultra 2 and as soon as I see the animation startup I can tell immediately if it landed or not. I practiced that shit so much :confused:


This has been the hardest thing for me, but recently I started playing with the sound off so i don’t rely on audio cues. Instead I have thinking about the links as little songs give each input a tone in my head, and tap out the rhythm as if I was playing an instrument. Most likely sounds a bit silly, but it works for me.




trial and error.


I use headkrones for audio cues.


Can’t use the headkrones joke anymore, at the very next major (seasons beatings in Ohio) Spooky had headphones for the players


Not sure why he did that, as it should be the player’s responsibility to bring the headphones.


They were awesome headphones. I don’t want to hijack this thread, but as an owner of lots of expensive stuff (I own a DJ/production company) the last thing I would want is a bunch of grubby gamers poking around my equipment lol. Spooky is a class act :slight_smile:


I was being serious. I taped the word headkrones on my headphones. They are some shitty Sennheiser 595’s, but they will do. I miss my AT’s!!!



Poor execution is no excuse for poor grammar.


I keep a metronome near me while playing at home, I press the first button of the combo and reach over and flick the metronome on, I know that my standard c.lp, c.lp, is about .30% of a beat when playing back at 88BPM. I take that information and just replicate it depending on the character’s internal frame configurations.


That might work at home, but it might change at a tournament setting that uses different consoles and monitors.


I’m mentally challenged, so I find myself sounding out combos while I walk around. It puts the rhythm in my head.


i watch visually for the moves animation + the muscle memory from doing the combo before. Just practice… How do I deal with high pressure situations? Easy I keep my cool…


I bring the metronome with me and plug my headphones into it. It requires my opponent to not block (I can’t hit links if they block) but most times they are ok with it.