How does felica counter strider?

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Against an intermediate strider, well rushing him down before he does to you is prettuch much your option, the moment strider throws the panther or crow i get ready to use the sand splash super, pretty much trying to hit him the moment he does his ORBs super. Sand splash (non super) also kocks doom out.

but if the strider your fighting is beyond intermediate, then. im sorry but she doesnt really stand a chance against him. If youre playing the game for fun, then shes recommendable, shes fun and shes quite forminable. but if youre playing for serious, then you might want to choose a different character. she has quite alot of holes in here design, and suffers from lack of coverage. :frowning:

if youre going to go with felicia, to try to use to a somewhat competetive level then ide suggest you try either felicia/rogue(throw)/commando… or felicia/rogue(throw)/cyclops.

she builds meter quite fasts and what better way to use them… rush down but dont finish the ground combo, call rogue then onegai. or cross them up by jumping behind them + rogue then wave dash behind them > onegai.

plus rogue isnt bad at rushing down either.

oh well, sorry to have went off topic on you :slight_smile: