How does Gill touch himself?

Keep in mind that he is half hot, half cold down there too.

[21:02] <@KofN> do you think gill jerks off with his hot hand or cold hand?
[21:02] <Herny|awy> hehe ouch
[21:02] <Herny|awy> prolly both
[21:03] <@C-Royd> he holds the cold side with his hot hand
[21:03] <@KofN> hmmm, maybe i should make a poll
[21:03] <Herny|awy> prolly hot hand
[21:03] <Herny|awy> while his cold hand fondles his own balls
[21:04] <Herny|awy> cause that produce more sperm
[21:04] <Herny|awy> or so i have heard from Conan
[21:04] <@C-Royd> The barbarian?
[21:04] <@C-Royd> i learned it from Cheers. Not from Conan
[21:04] <Herny|awy> no, O’Brien
[21:04] <Herny|awy> he was talking about it with that Crocodile hunter guy
[21:04] <@C-Royd> O Brian?
[21:04] <Herny|awy> the one from Aussie
[21:04] <Herny|awy> yes
[21:05] <@C-Royd> oh shit
[21:05] <@C-Royd> I liked him
[21:05] <Herny|awy> the talk show host?
[21:05] <@C-Royd> They booted him from TNG though
[21:05] <Herny|awy> yea
[21:05] <Herny|awy> TNG?
[21:05] <@C-Royd> yeah they moved him to DS9

That’s what Kolin, his secretary is for.

I have pondered many things in my life, but this is definitely something new.


This poll reminds me of Icy Hot ads on TV for some reason. I didn’t choose an option either :frowning:

falls off the chair

Take it to General Discussion, plz.

I never thought of this, prolly sinceI’m not that perverted. But Kolin does prolly do it, wonder if she gets cleansed.

No, your balls go to your body to stay warm in the winter and hang low in the summer to cool off. There is a balance. So that means 1 of Gill’s nuts is hanging low and the other is tight to his body.


what the hell does Gill give Kolin in his intro

That shit is cold yo

Normally I’d vote “Nigga gotta eat” but since that ain’t an option, I’ll say the hot hand first… cuz you know that trick where the girl sucks you off, then puts ice cubes in her mouth and then sucks you again and it’s like a whole new experience? Well, that starts with hot.

And to the guy called “Mr.Handsome” who called us all fags, if that ain’t irony I dunno what is.

Cold, cause his hot hand isn’t just hot its FIRE _O_O and fire would burn, cold would be kind of cold ya know, and i’d rather frost than char it baby!

he alternates between the two, but then his dick exploded cause of the sudden changes of temperature. that’s why he has to wear a big-ass band aid/diaper (he used to fight in the nude).

“The mark of my DNA shall scar thy dignity…”

hot hand. cold = shrinkage…

Most sensible thing I’ve heard all week.

Here’s how it works, the opponent comes toward him, he puts his condom into the box that he’s savin for kolin, then she leaves s does the cult because they dont wanna watch a street fighter touchin their Gill.