How does Gill touch himself?

That doesnt make sense, Gill wouldn’t use condoms.

Gill can control his ice/fire powers. I mean, the earth, his clothes he wears, everything would be either burnt or frozen because of the sheer magnitude of his strength, but he’s Gill.

He has his own secretary and isn’t ashamed to admit doing her. He has guys in masks that follow him around. He can create freaky eurotrash cyborgs. He can do whatever he wants, so I don’t think a simple thing like masturbating would be a problem for him. Hell, I’ll bet that seven of those guys in the robes would jerk him off FOR him if he wanted to.

yeah, but what about Tiger Twists?

good point!

OK OK, Let’s all be realistic, Gill has no dick and can’t masturbate using any conventional technique.

Seriously, way to suck the fun out of the thread fucko…

wow. I cannot believe you guys are discussing this…this topic is f’ed up.

You just can’t appreciate a serious game like 3S. Go back to MvsC2!

Ok, what if you use the Gill that is black and white? What now?

does that make one half longer than the other? :expressionless:

i wouldn’t be surprised cause of the shrinkage of the cold half

he was talking about the black and white part of gill… i think X_x

oh lol i just got that O_o

Yeah, and those pubes would look messed. One side more curly then the other. But to wear that thong, i think Gill bikini waxes anyway.

Wait, since Gill is such a perfectionist and should be precisely symmetrical, wouldn’t one side of his penis be the hot side and the other, the cold side?

Thanks Captain Obvious.

happy to help my fellow peasants

if one side was longer than the other, then wouldn’t it curl clockwise (or counterclockwise. i forget which side is black.)

then why wouldn’t the black/white gill have a white woman attached to the black half?

and an asian woman attached to the white half?