How does Gouken stack up? Help with stats

Just looking for input on this in general, and for each character specifically.

As stated I’d like to keep discussion for each character in the separate threads I am making in their respective sub forums, and input on the idea in general in the above thread.

Also as stated, despite discussion in this thread being open to anyone it would help me separate the wheat from the chaff if each forum could appoint someone who knows what the hell they are talking about to give me the numbers to plug into my spread sheet.

My near useless data for Gouken:
Health Reversal/AA Zoning Rush Mix up Damage pot
Gouken 4 1 4 2 2 4


Health - Doesn’t matter in SF4
Reversal/AA - 0.5
Zoning - 1
Rush - 0
Mix up - 1 (0 if enemy has air throw)
Damage pot - 4


Health 4
Reversal 0
Zoning 2
Rush Down 0
Mix Up 2
Damage potential 2 (He does crazy damage only in max punish, can’t punish worth shit. Between 2-3)


Fastest reversal in the game. I complain more than the next guy but you have to give him credit for that 1 framer, even if Capcom shit all over it. It’s not a zero, a 1 or even maybe a 2 in the right hands.

Rush Down is a 1 or 2. Sweep/throw to flip pressure can be very good.

Damage potential is a 4. The modifier is “potential”. Given the chance to do his worst, Gouken can put out more hurt than nearly any other character.

Health 4 (standard)
Reversal 2 ( He does have reversal, not an SRK, but it is a reversal. Parry does not count as reversal however, since it does nothing special when performed reversally. It is just a command focus attak)
AA 3 ( is god like for a AA normal. same as c.hp, he deserves at least a 2 just for those. Ex tatsu is awesome. +1 for that. )
Zoning 2 (No real footise or 2 hit fireball means he is free to focus. AA fireball can punish sometime, but most people have moves that go through fireball anyways to not have to worry about those that much)
Rush Down 2 ( no jab hit confirm, no 3 frame tech normal…)
Mix Up 2 (no high/low mix up)
Damage potential 4 (Have the most damaging 1 EX bar combo. Can’t see how he is not at least a 4)
Viability 1

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I was going through mostly by the descriptions by the OP in the original thread.
Reversal going by description qualifies as a 0. Especially since Kongo got split into 3 sections, making it truly ex dependent.
Rushdown, slow normals and situational specials make it hard for Gouken to deliver damage at mid-close range when he can easily be counter hit by faster jabs and shorts. Kongo and sweep at a saving grace, but risk/rewards are skewed when with kongo. Sweep is good though. Flip is ok on knockdown, but its still average at best.
If Rushdown is decent, then mixup goes down. Cause I considered flip as part of the mixup and less rushdown.

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I use the flip to rush down when an opponent is on the run, and I use it to mix up as well. I guess this is really more personal opinion than scientific. I understand your points. There are times when I feel like Gouken is all zeros, like last night when I played a really good DeeJay.

Thanks for the input, guys. I’ve done a bit of tweaking to the descriptions in the main thread and to how the characters are rated; the main one being that there is a separate rating for each Ultra.

New, tentative, numbers for Gouken:

Gouken Ultra 1:

[LEFT]Endurance - 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Reversal ---- 1[/LEFT]
[LEFT]AA ------------ 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Zoning ------- 2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rush --------- 2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mix up ------- 2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Dmg pot ---- 4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Viability ----- 1[/LEFT]

Gouken Ultra 2:

Endurance - 3
Reversal ---- 1
AA ------------ 3
Zoning ------- 2
Rush --------- 2
Mix up ------- 2
Dmg pot ---- 4
Viability ----- 1

HAHAHAHA we’re doing cards?

Actually it will be a spreadsheet, or online app, that allows a comparison of up to 3 characters per graph. Mainly aimed at beginner and intermediate players.

I hope to get the numbers done by the time that the 2012 patch is released, then, 6 months or so after get new numbers. This will help chart the effect that the patch had on each character in relation to rest of the cast.

That’s part of the problem.

The bigger issue is he can’t link ANY of his low move set.

thats why I alway swanted st mk>tatsu hed have that bison mid range threat

That and cr. lk > cr. roundhouse per 1 frame link. I would straight up shit my self if Gouken could do that in 2012.

would we even use any other buttons the two of us>>!!! lol!!!1