How does Guile approach the Evil Ryu matchup?



I am not sure what spacing is one that Guile beats E.Ryu. It seems like Guile has to react anywhere on the screen in this matchup.


I feel your pain. Just a few weeks into SF4 and I find this matchup really tricky. The ground game feels in our favour, but it is crazy hard to reliably antiair his divekick/not divekick jumpins from close. If my cr.HP is a little to early and he divekicks, I eat like half my life in damage and am put in mixup city on my wakeup. The risk/reward for him jumping in is way way better than my antiair attempts, so I basically lose as soon as they just start continuously jumping on me. For further jump ins works well, but it’s his close jumpins/divekicks that are so tricky. Any advice on how to antiair evil ryu better from this range would be appreciated.


Anyone try s.MK to anti-air him?


We were just talking about E Ryu in the Guile general discussion thread funnily enough.

St. Mk is indeed a very reliable AA for his dive kick. Other notable AAs are jump roundhouse/hard kick. air throw (both on reads) cr. fierce (you have to hit him early though) and st. Mp (situational) heck even st. Lp can get the job done.

The real issue though is E Ryus jump in hard kick which he can do late and/or from the same range/angle you expect a Dive kick, thus crushing what you thought were your perfectly timed AAs. It usually spells your doom soon after too…:frowning:

Your best bet then is to just block or reverse sobat outta his range, and let him land. It’s not ideal but it beats getting CH combo’d that’s for damn sure!


What spacing do you want against E.Ryu? I find the typical idea mid screen spacing against Ryu doesn’t work because E.Ryu will eventually win the zoning war and you are forced to jump in or jump back and get chipped to death.


Why not just neutral jump instead of jumping forward or jumping back? You’re not losing spacing. You’re not giving E.Ryu a reason to use his AA’s. It’s not like he can quick recover fast enough to run under an AA you before landing. He’d be a complete moron to jump in right after neutral jumping his fireballs because you’d have a flashkick charged before he even reaches the apex of his jump.