How does Guile compare to Charlie?

How does Charlie stack up against Guile, specifically in MvC2?

guile also has the semi-inf launch.magic series.air super.

You mean the launch, magic series, throw, otg, to another throw? nash can do the same thing… well w/o the air super, just do cr. lk, hk flash kick super… unless you meant something else


well unlike charlie guile can hp and then hk at the end of a air combo. there’s only just a slight difference:cool: :smiley:

They both can do the hp and then hk, but it’s mostly in the corner. Guile can do it out of the corner too, but only on the larger characters like Juggz, Magz, Silversam etc. I’m not sure with Charlie though.

Guile’s got the bootleg airdash using air Flash Kick. Also, Guile’s J.HK has god priority/range. Guile is better in the air than Charlie.

Charlie’s HK throw can be comboed after (dash + assist,…assist hits…blah,blah,blah). Also, he has a double aircombo that I don’t really know. It’s something like launch, hp XX Moonsault, HK (otg), relaunch 1,2,3,4,5.

well guile could do some really good dmg and charlie i think is a little bitch

i did this one 11 hit with guile on accentd no conrer no notheing just lancher and lp lk lp and i keeped going to 11 hits untill i was like a foot off the ground so did anyone els do this or know the timming?

charlie works better with doom than guile does. jump moonsault slash+doom is tricky if you’ve never fought this before.

and guiles flash kick is slightly higher than chalires. i think?

I think Charlie’s AAA has a tiny bit more horizontal range than Guile’s. However, Charlie’s AAA hits at waist-level…so many characters can crouch under it and it’ll whiff, and will also whiff vs like standing Megaman, etc. Which is a problem.

Guile seems to be beter from what I can tell, but this is from pairing them with Sent-G/Spiral-A. I’ll have to try Doom sometime. Better in the air (flash kick is nice, can whiff d+FP to build meter, has air super for misc-combos, j.rk is great), and has better pressure game on the ground. Charlie has better supers and an overhead, better throw, and can DHC from the flash kick super later, as it doesn’t cause flying screen.

God damn I wish flash kick and sonic boom weren’t BOTH charge moves… would make life so much easier…

Both of their AAAs are good though, work very well vs fly-happy Sentinels, and slow sonic booms are good.

Are there any decent teams that include both of them?

Charlie Storm Guile, or Charlie Sentinel Guile, or something like that maybe?

think of charlie and guile as anti-air fill-ins as far as assists, thus allowing them to be blended into popular teams such as:

on point, as someone else mentioned doom does wonders and allows for more throw set-ups. have fun with it

Guile Charlie and Doom. The team of all teams. I use it myself and it’s pretty damn useful.

Sonic Doom.

I use guile charlie doom

I think both are even, it depends on if you have trouble vs air or ground based players. Guile can counter trap a run away storm, sent, blackheart, cable etc via air flashkick. Charlie can counter trap a ground rush via his flashkick + assist.

I do notice I tend to do more combos with guile, while with charlie I trap with my assist (storm, doom, tron or juggy).