How does he suck now?



So hi, LeonHeart, coming mainly from the Captain America sub-forum, (as you can plainly see).

I did some combo experimentation today with the robot (I’ve never touched him before), and found that he gets over 700K pressing like, 5 buttons in a combo and not even playing him close to good, 1 bar.

I realized that and then thought: “Ok, so Drones assist actually got faster, and they don’t even scale combos that hard, or really at all [Actually, he only shaves 20-30K off my Captain BNB. Compare that to about 80Kish with Hawkeye-A, which actually hits less]. He still has armor on his Ms, and Launcher, he’s got a one-button beam and 2 good SFs to zone with, and he’s still got the mythical ‘if you’ve got meter, you can still keep going’ combos. He’s still got the wavedash, he’s got kara-command grab, etc. His only real weakness is low health. Add X-factor and you’ve got a classic case of ‘use his assist until he’s the anchor’. in the tradition of Taskmaster or Wesker.”

So tell me, with all that in mind, aside from RP xx HSF not working as often anymore, why do people think this character is so bad now?

Keep in mind I’m quite the scrub and in this game, Sent is the *ultimate *scrub-friendly character, scrub-friendly assist, and scrub-friendly anchor.


sent is worthless because he’s no damage soak/meter builder like in 2. take away the super armor on all his moves and he’s basically a big slow hitbox, bruv


I’m gonna need some clarity on that, because Sent does a million for one bar. It’s the first combo in the BradyGuide. And he does still have armor, that’s the point. Do you mean he has no health? Because I don’t see that hurting Zero. (As of the latest scientific tier list, Zero is the best character, mind you.)


Sentinel sucks. What makes YOU afraid of him?


if it’s just damage output you’re basing judgement on, then go ahead, use him. youll see soon enough bruv


You said he’s “no damage”. It wasn’t very clear what you meant. I mean, if the people who hang around the character specific sub-forum think he’s no good, I’ll drop him early, I just wanted to know.


no i mean he’s not a damage soak; i.e., his health doesn’t allow him to just stay out and build meter for your second character, which was basically one of the best things about him in 2, bruv


Ah yeah, that makes sense. The rare times I play *Marvel 2 * online, I play my Ass Robot on point with Team Clockw0rk and use him for that, mainly, and then I come in swinging with Strider/Doom.

Thanks for the help.


He does not build crazy amounts of meter like Taskmaster, Wesker (he no need supers), Dante, Zero, Magneto; but his more “complex” combo do build up meter to become self-sufficient and do at LEAST 800k for no starting meter.

The reason he “sucks” is because he is now SLIGHTLY LESS HERP-DERP ABC combos into HSF into DEATH. Sentinel is no longer a scrub-friendly character and that means is therefore a sucky character.

His assist is THE BEST IN THE GAME STILL and while it’s not as easy as Vanilla MvC3, he is by far, the best Assist-Killer in the game.

I think that Sentinel is not a bad character, people are just lazy as hell to learn more complex characters (Magneto, Storm, Sentinel) and wanna use HERP-DERP EZ MODE characters (Hulk, Zero, Akuma, VERGIL, Wesker).

Try out Sentinel, and if you personally feel that Sentinel is more of a Liability than an Asset, then try out someone else.


I still think Doom-B is the best assist, but the team I would run him in (Cap-A/Doom-B/Sent-A) still has it, so whatever. Yeah, the drones are a sick confirm. All they do really is shave like, 20 or 30k damage and add meter to combos. That assist actually got buffed from Vanilla. Plus, I think the fact that RayRay exists basically says “This character is good. Stop hating.” Personally, I’d much rather play this guy than run Clint “Where Is My Combo Damage?” Barton, which is who I’m looking to replace, if I can.


Sentinel Pros:
Damage output
2 Frame Command grab
Armored Normals
Normal Range
Good Mobility
Good Hypers

Sentinel Cons:
No health
Easily zone-able (huge vuln hitbox)
Susceptible to instant-overheads (tall as shit)
Slow Normals
Can’t really do shit by himself in certain match-ups

So yeah, he doesn’t “suck” he just has flaws, like most non top10 characters.


Not to mention:
Projectile nullification properties on ALL normals
Half-Screen Air Normals
1-button projectile

Only 1 low attack


The 1 button projectile is whatever, tbh. If I had to do a qcf before it but it was disruptor speed, that would be sick.


Well its not just about the ease of input, also factor in the ability to call assists while performing it(and Im pretty sure it has higher durability than disruptor). The only thing I hate about it is how many characters can crouch under the cr. version. I really wish they could change that, but you take what you get.

I really didn’t wanna post in this thread cause I thought it was just talking about shit we should be passed at this point, but I got nothing else to do today so here I am. Sent doesn’t suck(if I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that) sents only true weakness is he has too little health considering how easy he is to hit, if capcom dealt with one of those issues he would be a perfectly fine character, but at the moment he is an average point character and an amazing support character.


Yeah, I was just focusing on the input, not the actual properties of the move. It’d have the same properties but still be a “command normal”


He sucks, because the fact he has the best assist in the game commonly leads him to be played anchor, and he loses to almost every single other anchor character in the game, as well as most of the rest of the cast.


If you are playing him first/anchor yes, he sucks.
Sentinel’s position in a team should be 2nd, always, and he’s great at it.


He’s a really capable character he’s just way too big to have such little health. He can escape mixups on entry for free if he’s in second which is extremely useful and his DHCs are amazing. Like, if there was one thing I could have on this game, it would be to have Sentinel have at least 1.1M health. I liked him in Vanilla because of how much health he had. He could really tank hits and I like to have balanced health teams.


I don’t think he has a single matchup in his favour and as Momo said he needs 1.1M I’ve too felt this exact number is justified for awhile.

He’s a character I’d put on the bubble, he can get blown up really easily but he can also blow up a team really easily if you play it right. Especially if placed in front of the right assist like Tatsu or Missiles. I think Kanta Kun covered his pros and cons nicely, with that said both his crouching and standing M have giant holes that can be exploited. Some characters go right under st.M even without crouching and that gap above his feet during cr.M is a death sentence if not covered properly against a jumping opponent.


just think about this for a second.

900K health for the biggest fuckin target in the game along with some of the slowest normals in the game.