How does it work in an arcade?

Ok, don’t automatically look down on me because I am one of those people who has only ever played ssf4 on a home console. What I want to know is in an arcade, how does it work? Is it winner stays on for free, how much does a turn cost, do you get ID cards which display your name an pints while playing?

I’m just curious, as someone who’s only ever been an online warrior. Thanks

Basic rules, winner stays loser pays. Meaning the machine is set so the winner stays then the next challenger comes along with his coins and challenges next. It varys from 1 coin to 3 ( 25c to 75c ) anything more isnt worth it for single play. Only in japan do the player cards work, you can buy them in america but since we arent hooked up to the server it wont work for us sadly.

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It depends Like in Chicago we got GGA Which uses a freeplay model 15 bucks for the whole day. We also have game works which uses credits off of your card that you preload at the front its equivalent to a dollar for AE I believe. We usually met up on thursdays though when basically it was 10 dollar freeplay all night. I think the freeplay model is getting more popular but no matter were you are if you lose and someones waiting behind you, YOU MOVE DAT AZZ.

I was curious how does the Jap card system work?