How does Mad Catz SE joystick feel compare to Sanwa and Seimitsu?

I have been searching on internet and the tech forum on the question, but I was unable to find a solid comparison or impression on the difference between Sanwa Seimitsu and the Mad Catz SE joystick. I hope it’s ok to make a thread about this, I thought it would be helpful for people like me and people shop for their first stick. I am sorry if I broke any rule…

How do the Sanwa and Seimitsu feel compare to Mad Cats?

Because SE stick is my first joystick, and I am considering replacing the stick but unsure which to choose. But I have never used either Sanwa or Seimitsu, all I know is Seimitsue has tighter spring compare to Sanwa, and it’s up to personal preference. I personally feel the Mad Catz stock stick is a little loose for my taste. I wonder if Sanwa would feel similar, should I go with Seimitsu?

If you have tried all different brands and the SE stick. Please share your impression and opinion, thank you.

Well I doubt the Sanwa is going to feel tighter, so if that’s your problem, you might wanna try the Seimitsu. If wanting more resistance is your primary problem with the SE, that’s probably the way to go.

I have no idea how the LS-32 mounts into the SE though, that’s a question for someone else.

I preordered a TE and have loved it. But realizing that by friends were suddenly interested in IV made me go grab an SE off the shelves when i found one…

…the stick didnt register up-left right out of the box. Many other users have had trouble with the stick dot registering inputs n such, and while madcatz has the warranty, I personally am going to replace my SE stick. I would recommend the same, after all, who knows if they just fix it and send it back…and it breaks in a couple months again anyways.

Just my 2 cents, speaking from 1st hand displeasure with the SE.

I had/have the same questions. I already went ahead and orderd the SamwaJLF stick for ease of installation and added an LS-33 Spring to do the spring mod and tighten it up some. Once my stick gets here from Lizardlick I will post here or somewhere about it.

Thank you, LuckyDay. Mounting a LS-32-01 should be too much different from Sanwa, I think. By the way, do you know the difference between LS-32, LS-40 and LS-56?

Thank you, that’s very helpful information. Beside input accuracy, may I ask how does feel in term of the stiffness between TE and SE?

Thank you I am looking forward to hear your thoughts.

I have a stick (modded HRAP) with the LS-33 spring in the JLF. The difference is almost night and day as a stock JLF is very loose. While I like the feel of the stock JLF (or accustomed to the looseness of most Japanese joysticks), without any hesitation, I can recommend the LS-33 mod for a tighter feel; however, if you want even MORE tension, you can wait till Lizard Lick gets LS-55 springs in stock.

I have a HRAP 3 and a Mad Catz SE. There is no comprising. It’s like day and night. the HRAP Sanwa is light ages ahead of the Mad Catz.

I modded my SE with a Sanwa JLF after about two weeks of playing with the stock stick.

My stock stick would get stuck on me sometimes; I believe it had the washer issue, though I never really checked because I was changing the stick out anyways. It had a bit more resistance than a Sanwa and sometimes seemed to be unreliable in picking up certain motions. It also wasn’t consistently smooth throughout the joystick; it seemed like I met a bit of resistance right when the button clicked in and before/after that there was less.

I fitted my Sanwa with a bat top and octagon gate and I’m loving every second of it. Much less resistance, no sticking, and smooth movement consistently in all directions.

I installed a bat top and octagon gate on the stock SE stick. After having to relearn some moves I have to say that it is much better. My stock stick has no issues other than the loose feel. My buttons are already starting to stick on me and become less resonsive. :mad: Damn, madcatz makes some junk man!

i got my se last night and it feels so bad.
stick keeps gettin stuck but the buttons felt ok but i prefer concave.

cant wait to get my new parts and get rid of the junk inside the stick atm.

Hey I got the SE Fightstick also, I straight up put a Sanwa JLF joystick and Sanwa buttons. It was immediately heaps better than the stock Madcatz parts.

After a few days I decided to try out the Ultimate JLF mod. I used the spare spring out of the Madcatz joystick and put the electrical tape around the actuator.

Now the stick is absolutely awesome ! The extra spring gives it a nice tight feel, not sloppy at all. And the electrical tape on the actuator takes most of the freeplay out of the deadzone area, it leaves just enough. I didnt put the postit paper in the microswitches and I recommend the mod to anyone who finds the JLF a bit too loose.

I really love my SE Fightstick now and actually prefer it to the TE as the size is just right for me, and I love the artwork on it !

Thank you all for the inputs, very helpful.

Why did you decide to mod a JLF stick instead of using a stock Seimitsu stick? Becasue of the short throw?

Is LS-55 similar to LS-56, can I use LS-56 in a JLF stick??

How did you take off the E-clip on SE stick?

I found this via google by TheRealNeoGeo:

“I don`t think Seimitsujoysticks are so good for fighting. The LS-32 is the standard joystick in shootercabinets like Sega Astro City, Egret 1 and Taito but it has a rather short lever. LS-40 is about the same as LS-32, only difference is that it has a lever protection (it is used alot in SNK cabinets).
The LS-55 plays like the LS-32 and has the same length on the lever as a sanwa jlf-tp-8y (45mm, the LS-32 is 42mm). If you are gonna make a customstick or mod a HRAP then this is good I think.
Also, if you decide o buy a seimitsujoystick then try to look after the ending -01 in the modelnumber. -01 is telling you that a JLF-H (same as the 5-pin cable on the sanwa jlf-tp-8y) is used. And it does not show on the websight but they have a LS-32-01 also (if you want the LS-32).”

Some very good information on the difference joysticks:

This all sounds very interesting. If adding the ls-32 spring to the existing JLF spring allows moves to be performed quicker its a great upgrade.