How does Mayflash compare with Hori?


I’ve handled Hori parts before with the Tekken 6 wireless and Wii fightstick. But I’ve never seen an actual Mayflash stick. I know it’s a budget stick and most serious players think all of this is crap, but how do Mayflash parts compare to Hori? Are they similar in feel?

Specifically I was thinking about getting a Paewang stick which I heard is basically a Mayflash build. But since this stick is import-only and there’s no feasible way to make returns, I just want to make sure I don’t get something totally unexpected.


The buttons on the Paewang are garbage as they are just contact buttons (inside is just a spring and a rubber tip at the end that makes contact with the PCB board). I dunno how else to call them. At least Hori uses buttons similar to what’s used in the arcades.

The joystick seems okay (I forget how the throws and engages as I only messed around with mine for a day before getting my stick modded). I think some people like to call the joystick in the Paewang a hori-clone. The stock microswitches are damn loud though (I say this as I press on one).

The Paewang is well worth it considering the PCB is compatible with the PS3 and X360 out of the box. Modding it is not too bad as all you need is a soldering iron and dremel.

If you want a quick and dirty mod and don’t mind a square gate, I would replace the buttons and microswitches (this would work well -Sanwa MS-0-2) on the stock joystick.

If you want a JLF octo gate…it’s not too hard to mod either. The Paewang thread has a good tutorial by Laugh.


The stick itself is built a lot like a Hori stick, but doesn’t feel quite as good. The buttons are bad. It’s a good platform for modding, as with roughly $40 in parts you can get a very nice stick out of it.