How does my avatar look?


Rate my First avatar Thread

Just wanted to know how my avatar looks, i made it…just want some pros and cons about my Av:D :cool: :cool:also if ppl wanna show of ur AV’s go ahead



i made it myself, and i’m wondering what people think. your avatar looks cool to me - i like the animation! i wish i knew how to do that :frowning:


ummm if u want to show ur stuff off, go to the SHOWCASE thread…dont make new threads just for one avatar…


he’s right guys,theres a thred for showing your work,but yeah merdoc yours is ok,like the bg not bad.

Megnetic-hmmm well what can i say,its rather boring man,the fonts pretty cool,but the bg is ugh…to plain bud,keep workin thats what i do.


Nah soon i am gonna make more…until i can make Avatarts like TMT and AsianDemon…cuz making AV’s can be a something i can “try” to do when i am board…so soon ima make soon ima make anouther one


Well since were in the subject what do u guys think about mines?:smiley:


                    it looks pretty good.