How does Nak counter Vega?

Apparently Nak is a Vega counter, but since I don’t use Nak, how exactly does she beat him?

Everytime I play against my friend’s Nakoruru, all he does is J.HK and crossup J.LK. It’s pretty hard for Vega to retaliate against it because she’s so fast.

She’s fast, and some of her moves out prioritize Vega’s. it’s also hard to counter a well placed Ahnoerootsky thingy for vega. Her anti airs are really good too.

Nakoruru is the fastest character in the game, can keep opponents on the ground from the ground and from the air. Simple as that, really.

Well Nakoruru is really fast but Vega is more Fastest ^^
Block his Speed Sweps and attack win the Medium Punch…
and try to confuse her… and dont Jump so much >_<…