How does one actually have fun while playing?


It appears that as I gotten more serious with gaming, I’ve become more competitive and sought more towards winning. I’m very aware that you’re going to lose a lot in order to get better, but I tend to forget that, if not ignore it, and still focus on winning. It doesn’t help I can never find out why I lose, and how I have a mindset of “Either you prove you’re competent enough to be here or go home”, or at least prove that I’m a worthy opponent. I was told I have potential, and that I’ll improve more if I come out and play offline instead of at cons or online. Nowadays, I handle my losses a lot better, and I don’t really whine about them since I get over them. I just tend to have a better time when I’m winning and not look like MechWarrior in his match with ChrisG.

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Playing the game with another human is fun enough in itself. Win or lose, learning is the priority.


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win or lose, you’re still playing a game. you’re focusing too much on the end result, the win/loss you walk away with. the fun part is the match that brought you to that results screen. you can focus on improving and winning and still have fun with the game while you get there.


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If you hate losing, sux to be you. Don’t take the game seriously. You won’t make a decent wage playing them, and it makes you look lame. Just chill and play. Have a laugh and make fun of the dumb shit.

I.e. : “So apparently, capcom thought it was a good idea for jedah to have no sweep, slow normals, and a shitty wheel becuase apparently it was broken, and yet the scrub friendly character wolf was allowed to roam free? Were they scared of him?”


If you’re playing online, play endless and pick characters that aren’t your main (personally I have the most fun when I do this)
If you’re playing offline, repeat.


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Figure out why you’re losing. It’s not that difficult, just re-watch your matches, and ask a lot of WHY questions. Why you did this, why you didn’t do that, why your opponent responded in this way, etc etc. It helps you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, so that you now how to focus your playstyle to cater to your strengths while training to level up your weaknesses.

Show up offline and test your might. Playing offline, and especially in a stressful tourney environment, is extremely different from casual online play. If you really want to test your might, and see how much potential you really have, play against other local competitors. It’s a great way to get motivated to improve at the game.


Online is only fun if I win, offline is all fun.


If you’re playing a fighting game and not having fun, you either are completely atrocious at said fighting game and just hella salty. Or you are trying to way too hard and as soon as you lose you pull a Rage Quit and just scream at your TV. When I first got SSF4 I lost 40 matches straight and I was still having fun. You know why? because when you first get the game the music is fucking amazing and I just didn’t care.


get the PC version and install the mods, any mods, even nude ones. change the stages and music too. suddenly SF4 and hopefully SFxTekken turns much more fun and less annoying.

also take a bath a few minutes before. it helps you play better and relax and it keeps you clean as well .


bottle of pain killers and 12 shots of vodka will make this game more fun


Right here.

I’ll be honest, when I’m playing Marvel against someone who is plays in a way I consider unintelligent or not thoughtful, whether I win or lose I’m going to get bored or frustrated. When I’m playing against someone who knows what they’re doing, I’m probably getting my ass handed to me, and that’s when I personally have the best time. Last night I ran a long set against a good Zero/Vergil/Dante player, probably won 33% of my matches, and had a blast. I learned a ton about that matchup, got to see some flashy combos, and maybe met someone to spar with later.

Also playing with my best friend is fun cause we just goof around and do whatever. These two ways I think are the optimal ways to have fun when playing fighting games.



If you’re playing to LEARN then you may not be “having fun”. Just like learning how to sink a 3-point shot isn’t really “fun”, but sinking a 3-point shot is fun.

If you’re playing to HAVE FUN then you may not be learning at the rate you’d be learning if you take it seriously. In Marvel I’ll pick a “main character” then random my other two guys, in SF4 I just random battle vs my friend. As long as the person you’re fighting with is about equal with you in skill then you can have a lot of fun.


Maybe its because i’m not very competitive but I don’t understand why losing would make a game less fun. I enjoy fighting games most when i’m playing Vs. someone better than me. I’m still pretty new in the fighting genre having only started at the beginning of the year (except for Tekken 2 as a kid but everyone played that) but I think that if I won 90% of the games I played I would get bored of fighting games pretty quickly. The best part about playing other people is learning something new, if you just want to win then play offline Vs. A.I.


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I was thinking about this the other day too when i randomly lost to some dude while i was playing my main and i was just straight laughing. Not laughing like salty laughing, but just i was like having fun. I don’t know how to really explain it. Once you just get over the losses and just take them as learning experience and accept the fact that you won’t always win continuously you’ll find it easily more enjoyable.


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If you’re not having fun playing a game, then it’s not a game anymore. It’s work, which is fine if you’re on an elite level (and even then, you’re not making a whole lot of money, which is something the community tends to shy away from anyway). But for the majority of us, we are playing the game for fun. Watching yourself grow and always learning new things is fun, at least to me.

Of course, that’s easier than said done, and I don’t claim to be an expert on this, but that’s part of shedding a scrubby mindset (which you note in your post).

Just don’t be too hard on yourself.