How does one beat storm with sentinel?



i have no idea how to. i played justin and then i asked him and all he said was hard punch. i’m like wtf?

i mean i know better then to chase her up there. so you don’t have to tell me not to do that but just killing the bitch gives me a hard time if i can in general. most of the time i let my magneto or cable kill her. but i would like to learn how to beat her with sentinel since people were saying sentinel owns her. but i just don’t see it. am i suppose to mouth blast a lot? just pure out stomp her? or let my anti air assist kill her? i mean i dunno.

for the most part i use sentinel/capcom or sentinel/cyke.


first off sentinel doesn’t OWN storm…i don’t care what anybody says. although there are things he can do to make life HELLA difficult for her.

justin is right about hard punch. he juss didn’t go into detail on how it beats her.

storm is on the ground, you just spit fly a little, use some pressure strings with a ground assist if you got it (since i use magneto i have some pretty good pressure on the ground)

when you get her off the ground, fly low and call out your assist, hoping that she will come down attacking (i use IM so this is what I do). it looks like you use capcom, so just fly low and cross her up with capcom while staying low and safe. eventually she will be on the ground again and just repeat. after she does her lightning attacks, your free to go up and chase after her too.

there isn’t anything wrong with baiting out her lightning strikes, like sj’ing and just blocking, then after she gets use to u blocking, go up there and frying pan her ass one time, the frying pan is VERY useful, u just gotta know the right ranges to use it. hope that helped a little.


if i stand up and spit that stops her from typhooning into hailstorm correct?


not all the time…if u do it too late the typhoon goes right under the spit, hits sent, then u get hailed for free…i dont use that tactic alot cuz marvel is RANDOM and u more than likely will be the victim of the bullshit…best bet would be to bait it out by flying around then unfly quickly to block it…much rather eat the block dmg then the whole thing…


safest bet is to bait out her hailstorm…

just fly close to ground just out of her range…when she calls sent you just fly over and short short up rocketpunch that bitch

good mixup is when they get used to you flying to close they will try to launch you or air dash at you, usually you can pan her b4 she gets to you but you have to space out the pan right


thank u mr.sidel lol

i need someone to teach me sent…so any tips on fighting cable/cyc or capcom with sent/capcom and fighting another sent/cap with yours?:smiley:


check out the scrub vs scrub that me and dasrik posted in… a lot of good tips in there.

here’s a tidbit though…when fighting cable/cyc with sent/cap, you die! avoid this match up…scrubby cables with cyc can rape top sents

oh and btw my last name is sindel…(no biggy though :))


It don’t matta


i think sent has a good chance against storm. i mean his standing spit fly alone fucks storm off pretty damn good. i mean just be smart not to get hit into infinite. i mean even though its hard to get an unblockable on storm its still possible. at super hi level play mag gives sent a hard time. Mag has the best throws in the game and they hurt on sentinal.